What is the Absolute Best Margarita Mix?

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by CyberJCM, May 29, 2011.

  1. I love a good Margarita!

    Sadly I have yet to find the best margarita mix!

    Can you gents help me out?

  2. franz

    franz Moderator Emeritus

    The best margarita mix is freshly squeezed lime juice and a good orange liqueur. :thumbup1:
  3. (Tequila+Triple Sec+Lime Juice)+shaker with ice/salted rim glasses=margarita:tongue_sm
  4. :thumbup1: Most mixers are crap.
  5. x2. I've never had a decent manufactured margarita mix. Go with fresh squeezed lime and orange liqueur. Concentrated lime juice works OK in a pinch.

    Also, I like blanco tequila rather than gold.

  6. Thanks so far guys!

    I agree completely, from a purists perspective, that fresh squeezed lime is the way to go!
    Sometimes though, when you are making them in larger quantities, squeezing limes for each is a little much.
    So if you gotta go mix, who makes the best? Closest to the real thing perhaps.

    Oh and it has to be blanco! A good reposado will work, but don't use anejo or gold.

    Sub topic time! Favorite tequila in a Margarita!
    Mine is Cabo Wabo Blanco!
  7. Make your own.:001_smile
  8. I know homemade is best but, there are 2 mixes that I have tried and actually like. They are "Freshies" and "William Sonoma" brand mixes. They both use natural ingredients without all the garbage :001_unsur most mixes use.
  9. I've only tried a few of the more readily available ones (e.g., Cuervo, TGIF's 'bucket mix'); of the lot, I don't think the Margaritaville branded one is bad at all.
  10. I normally do not drink cocktails but when I do (this sounds like the xx commercial :001_unsur), I prefer to mix them from scratch. Recipes can be found everywhere.

    Al raz.
  11. ouch

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    If you can't squeeze fresh lime juice, the Nelly & Joes Key West Lime Juice will do in a pinch. For sweetener, use agave syrup. And it's hard to beat Cointreau for your orange liqueur.
  12. cointreau for a margarita with depth, orange curacao for a summer pitcher of margaritas...
  13. The Bad Juan margarita mix made be Elsa's in Dayton, OH
  14. I like the Margaritaville mix, and the Cuervo mix if it has to be a mix, I also have used Minute Maid Lime-ade + Tequila + Orange Liqeur and it is great
  15. roses lime juice is decent for something to keep on hand for when you don't have fresh limes. I prefer a orange liqueur like Grand Marnier/cointreau. If that's too expensive, a similar knock off instead of a dekuyper or generic triple sec. No salt on the glass rim or anywhere near a margarita.
  16. I've never had good experience with margarita mixes, and the ready-made lime juices all contain ascorbic acid as a preservative. A sweetened lime juice like Rose's should work. I've also had good results with Limeade, which is a frozen, sweetened lime juice concentrate.
  17. For larger batches I use Cuervo mix with Cuervo Gold. 1 cup mix 3/4 cup Cuervo Gold and 2 tbs of lime juice. Not fancy but it is good and gets the job done.
  18. No such thing as a "good" cocktail mix.
  19. I would echo a few points above.

    Limeade is pretty good stuff, and more "easy". I don't enjoy squeezing 20-30 limes (depending on freshness/season, etc), since I spend time in front of the bar, rather than behind it these days! I always finish off the drink and salt the rim with fresh cut lime or two or three.. I only drink margaritas with other people, and usually "lots" at a time.. By the blenderful, as I refer it.

    Grand marnier is an excellent choice for orange liqueur, I think.

    As for the tequila, this might be heresy to some so no harm intended, but I can get by with nearly whatever is available or on hand at the time for a margarita. I have used the TGIF type buckets with good success. You can always add some good stuff (fresh lime, GM, etc) to it to give it a nice kick.
  20. Another sacred cow I must slay here is that after much soul searching, I find I prefer blended to over rocks.

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