What is left in Creams for me?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Wildalaska, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Im trying to figure out what is left for me to try in creams....performance wise not scent wise, unless its a cant stand scent then it goes to the NBA list...

    To date I have three PERSONAL (MMMVFY) lists...Great, Inferior But Usable, Never Buy Again.

    On the Great List are the T&H Line, except for UC, which is a NBA because I cant stand it, plus Penhaligons, Floris and Trumpers...plus Speick.:balloon:The jury is out on AK1869

    On the Inferior list are Salter, AOS, Razorock, CF, TOBS, Proraso, SMN

    On the Never Buy Again List are AdP (thank god I got sampled on that before shelling out), Cremo, El Mehlor, Palmolive, Musgo, Jack Black, Neutrogena, C-M, T&H UC

    What line should or product should I look at next
  2. Kiss My Face is one that is not talked about much. Probably because of the low $5 a tube price.

    It is one that I enjoy using as it lathers with very little effort and is slick, smooth, and cushy.

    Best thing, it is available right in your local area over the counter.


    Another one that is over looked is also a locally available product. Real Shaving Company cream
  3. i'm almost positive, if KMF was market and rebranded as RR or DR Harris or whatever, people would be talking about it thread after thread.

    it's fantastic stuff.
  4. Not sure if The Real Shaving Co. is on your list, nor if you would go so "low" , but since I just recently "discovered" this line of cream, I would dare suggest it to you. From TRSC I have used the cream for sensitive skin (just because I like the scent and ingredients).
    I cannot do a full review of this cream as I haven't used it for long enough but would be happy to recommend it. I bought the moisturising cream as well. They also have the face scrub that I will try next.
    TRSC could be the best kept secret.
  5. very interesting findings
  6. Edwin Jagger sea buckthorn is one of my favorite creams. Well worth trying.
  7. Nancy Boy! They also sell it in a "Travel" size which gives you the opportunity to buy a smaller amount. My favorite scent is the "Signature". While you're there put a bottle of the "Cooling Aftershave Gel" in the cart-also a travel size; fantastic stuff (contains witch hazel).
  8. MdC and i Coloniali, although I prefer the i coloniali soap to the cream.
  9. +1 It's identical to the Muhle, so buy whichever is cheaper.
  10. SuperChris

    SuperChris Contributor

    JM Frasers
  11. How could I forget J.M. Fraser.
  12. +1.. Your inferior and NBA list rounds up some of the best regarded creams on the net.
  13. eth


    I second on Edwin Jagger/Mühle creams. Don't see D.R. Harris on any list either. Fitjar might interest you too.

  14. Agreed. I'd love to make some suggestions, but your tastes in product are a mystery to me.

    I'll be watching to see what other folks suggest, though.
  15. Omp


    Have you had a look at eShave? Well worth a try IMHO.
  16. De gustibus non disputandum est.
  17. Your great list is my inferior list and several on your inferior is on my great list.
  18. dpm802

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    +1 to those that suggested The Real Shaving Company ... terrific stuff and dirt cheap. I've gotten them as low as $2 a tube when you can catch it on sale. (Don't buy TRSC's Self-Heating Face Mask. Its nasty, vile, and disgusting. Easily, the WORST shave product I've ever tried. It will clog your razor and burn your face. Don't buy it. Don't even accept it as a freebie ... it's THAT bad.)

    Other drugstore brands that perform well are Nivea, Neutrogena, and Head-Shave. Don't forget to look at the gels. This is not foam-goop. It may come from an aerosol can, but the performance is rock solid.

    Have you tried Tabac cream? Or its kissing cousin, Sir Irisch Moos? Both are terrific performers as stand-alone products, and when mixed with the matching soap, makes a terrific SuperLather.

    Don't overlook brushless/latherless creams. I've gotten some terrific shaves from Burt's Bees, Jack Black Beard Lube, and JASON's Skin Therapy.

    Both ARKO and DERBY make some creams that are highly regarded. I haven't tried them myself ... but its on my list.

    Finally ... give a look at the various Artisnal brands like Mama Bear, Saint Charles Shave, Queen Charlotte, Gentleman's Best, etc.
  19. Malaspina Triple Delight Shave Cream is one of the best I've tried. It's got tallow, lanolin and shea butter among lots of other goodness. And Nacy Boy creams are pretty great too. But... your Great List is my Inferior List and your Inferior List is my Great List, so I wonder if our needs and tastes are similar.
  20. If you're not sensitive to lanolin, give Godrej a chance. Won't cost much to try it. You can find it on Amazon. I like both the original and the menthol mist. I hear the lime is good too.

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