What is French Milled Soap.... exactly....

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  1. Milling was started in France and meant the soap was run between steel bars and smoothed and compressed. Triple milled soaps actually go through this process 3 times.. or use 3 rollers... French Milled soap can only be bought in France, but anyone can 'mill' soap, just not call it French Milled. French milled soaps are definately considered to be the best..

    I took this article from an Austrailian soap companies website as I thought it was very good in explaining what 'milled' means... here is the website... http://www.soapsolutions.com.au/

    So what is So Good about French Triple Milled Soaps and what does it mean?

    French Triple Milled Soaps are very much smoother to use than normal soaps and produce a more creamy, luxuriant lather more quickly that normal Soaps with a very even colour.

    When soap is made it is dried prior to being turned into soap bars. During this drying process the soap turns into crystals and these crystals, which vary in size, can produce a quite gritty and rough base when made into soap bars.

    True French triple milled soaps are passed 3 or more times through a heavy duty 3,4 or 5 roller mill. This repeated milling of the soap crystals crushes the soap crystals turning them into an extremely fine and smooth paste, prior to being turned into bars. This process also ensures that the soap colours and additive are homogenously spread through the soap bar.

    French triple milling also means that all the bars in a batch are the same colour with no streaking even with heavily coloured soap

    Some soap plants have a single roller mill not 3 roller mills in their process line. However a lot of them are cheap Chinese and Indian made mills that are very small and lightly built which means they are unable to apply the high pressures on the rollers that is required to produce High Quality Soaps.

    I hope this helps in learning about soaps...

    Bear Hugs!
  2. very informative! Thanks :thumbup1:
  3. Where did I put my Grandma's mangle... :w00t:

    I can see it now, Midlands Quadruple Mangle Milled Soap :tongue_sm

  4. haha thats what I thought. I think we should start our own line of soaps

    GSEXPANO Midlands Quadruple milled soaps. Only the highest quality rusty old mangle used in the milling process ensures a soap that is uneven like no other.

  5. Sue,

    Thanks for the information. I have often wondered what tripled milled soap meant, and now I know. I always suspected is was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I was wrong.
  6. I learn something new every day.

    This place is like the Discovery Channel, for addicts. :tongue:
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. Also, in the milling process, glycerin is removed from the soap.
  9. :whistling:
    Here is my favorite marketing ploy...,. Ivory soap is so pure that it floats... One day at the Ivory factory, a worker left the mixer on a soap batch run a bit too long, basically he went to lunch and forgot about the soap... The mixer beat a whole bunch of air into the soap.. Instead of dumping the batch, they decided to see what they could do with it instead...

    Any soap will float if you beat enough air into it by the way.... especially if you take the glycerin out it..... :rolleyes:

    But, I guess Ivory's air was 'purer' than everyone elses air...

    Isn't it amazing all the things in life that float.... :a24:
  10. My dad always told me you are either a floater or a sinker. :biggrin:
  11. I am not sure about this... if the glycerin is extracted it would be after the soap is made and before it was milled... (I think! :blink: )

    I am not sure that everyone that makes soap commercially extracts the glycerin... unfortunately it is not something that has to be 'advertised'...
  12. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. Here's the flip-side of this story: The manufacturer (Proctor & Gamble) needed a baby photo on the box, in order to push the product to housewives. Whom did they choose? Why, a darling little baby held by Marilyn Ann Briggs, who later became famous as Marilyn Chambers!

    And that's no soap opera... :tongue:
  14. I'm not even going to ask how you know that.
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    Providing information that only means something to a very few-which we will then use to batter our opponents senseless!

    Tyx Mama Sue!

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    Actually Ms Chambers picture was on the boxes of "Ivory Snow" laundry detergent.......and don't ask. :devil: :a35:
  17. Whole Foods has a highly milled French soap as their store brand. It lathers like crazy... and they have Sandalwood and Patchouli. I tried the Castille soap but it doesn't lather worth a damn and leaves a greasy feeling- but it smells great and it's sort of cool how snotty it gets when wet. Damn the hard water!

    I think Ivory is pretty much done for... a 50's and 60's brand when people worshipped at the cult of cleanliness and purity. Why pay more for whipped air? Thank you Discover Channel, their secrets are revealed... Soon our work shall be done. Bring on the legions of chaos.

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