What is a good Summer Shave Stick?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by turtle, May 4, 2012.

  1. What is close to a menthol "feel" in a top shelf (commercial) shave stick product.

    Sticks I own and have tried

    Irish Moos
    Wake up

    Baring any menthol, what would be a good "summer" cold water shave stick?

    Stick with the sticks... I used Proraso cream today, put it on my face and face lathered. Was great but I want THAT "feel" in a stick as I don't want to carry a tube of cream or tub of soap, I want to use a stick. (picky... picky.... picky....)
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    Not picky IMHO. I'm with you in wanting to know. I've toyed with puttingProraso in a tube to see how it would get on. But so far I've not taken up the challenge.
  3. My favorite summer shave stick is TOBS St. James. While it does not contain menthol, it is a very refreshing scent nonetheless. It is an outstanding performer providing plenty of lather fro a multi-pass shave. This is one shave stick that travels with me in every season. While I do use this from time to time in all seasons, for me, it works very well in warmer weather. I enjoy the scent so much that I purchased the AS, cologne, and SC as well. I have had a number of compliments on the scent.


  4. I think mama bears and shave den make shave sticks with or without menthol.
  5. I have some Harris & Irish Moos sticks that can be refilled with soap and I imagine a hard cream/soft soap like Cella. I know AOS can be formed and fitted into one.

    Might want to see if you can get some of the Harris sticks before they go buh-bye.
  6. Mama bears makes a lime ice shaving stick, I haven't tried it but it's the only menthol shave stick that I can think of off the top of my head.
  7. Try cheese-grating a metholated soap into a twist-up container.
  8. QED Lime.
  9. isnt mikes natrual soap going to be coming in sticks soon? My barbershop scent from Mikes came into today I think im in love .....
  10. I also wanted a summer stick. I ordered Calani Eis Engel, which has menthol in it. Will get it on monday or tuesday and report back how it is.
  11. Have you considered a menthol aftershave? Osage Rub is very affordable, and has about as much menthol in it as any shaving product I have tried.
  12. Mama Bear sells the shave stick "roll up" containers into which you can melt any of her Ice soaps. I did just that with Grapefruit Ice and still have half the tub left for when I am not traveling. The soap is great. It definitely has menthol!
  13. Turtle, we seem to like the same sticks but I just played around with 6 different brushes and 4 sticks using hand lathering, but not applying it on my face. I really was just doing this to break in some of my brushes. My best lather generators were La Toja, Arko, and Tabac. I am a cold water shaver, summer or winter. I just really am liking the La Toja stick. Also, it comes in a nice container and is an ideal travel stick.

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    QED Bathtub Gin. Trust me on this one.

  15. I love the way my face feels after using La Toja stick. Except for La Toja I rarely use sticks anymore. Used it this morning with a Duke 1 and my face still feels nice and soft. I did order a stick of Harris Almond today as I wanted to compare my Harris pucks to a stick.
  16. Equal - spring, summer, autumn or winter = Palmolive is my vote :thumbup1:.


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    Harris Arlington is excellent
  18. I agree here. Arlington's bright citrus notes are a nice scent to wake up with.

    In addition to sticks that were made that way, you could always pick out any hard soap that matches your criteria and use it (or a piece of it) like a stick. The only heavily mentholated soap I've used so far is Mystic Water "prospect creek" which is too soft for this use, though.
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  20. i'll be using shave stick for camping this year. i've decided to use sticks instead of tubed creams (i'll save those for home use).

    i have a homemade Benton Clay Lime, Palmolive (EUR) in a metal tin, La Toja on order, and am looking to add a Dr Harris Marlborough, Valobra and Speick. i just wish some of them came in containers like the DR Harris and LaToja.

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