What is a Gillette New made of?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by edenri, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Just wondering, I took a wire brush on a dremmel type tool to it and it has 2 different colors now. It looked like I took off the top coating as I was doing it.
    Not sure if you can see in the pic, but the part the blade sits on and the very top piece of the handle look brass, but the rest of the handle and very top look copper?
  2. chrome-plated or nickel-plated brass I suppose
  3. I think that it is mostly copper, covered by a very thin golden finish that can be removed very easily. I gave my razor a thorough cleaning and have experienced the same. It seems to be quite common with the NEW.
    It is a good shaver, still. If you donĀ“t like the handle now, you can exchange it for a Tech handle. They are compatible.
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    I also believe its copper.

    Great razors - I have a ball-handled version.
  5. I also think that style NEW is a copper alloy, as opposed to brass.

    I've also never seen one of those with a handle split as was not unusual among some Old Types & New Standards.....
  6. Well, the coating that you dremeled off was the gold plate. Underneath, they are generally Brass, but it is pretty clear that they also used some other copper alloy for parts of it. I'm guessing brass was used for the part with teeth, because it is probably stronger, but that's just speculation.

  7. I 'think' that the gold is electroplated over the copper, which is electroplated over the brass. This gives a thicker coating over the base metal and gold will adhere to copper better than to brass or steel.
  8. They seem to have the same dual metal, Copper/Brass, construction as the Tech's.


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