What frag smells like Arlington aftershave?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Chuck Norris, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Good day men, and thank you in advance for any suggestions.

    This can't be that difficult - Arlington aftershave is a basic citrus over wood masculine frag. I love it, but it lasts about 10 minutes. Help me find something just like it in Cologne strength.

    I'm not interested in the Arlington Cologne.

    I have to emphasize this. The aftershave is VERY different from the cologne. I don't like the cologne, it has a note that many describe as "fern" which, in this particular mixture, i'm not a fan of. And no, i'm not mistaking the different concentration levels for different notes. The AS and EDC are completely different frags and that's all there is to it.

    Another constraint on your suggestions would be that, given the warmer weather, i don't give a damn about how the frag starts off, i'm more concerned with the drydown. There are many would-be suitors out there that start off like Arlington, then dry down into something aquatic (Varvatos Artisan Black) or senthetic or rosey (Pen's Castille IMO) etc.
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    Ah, at least the mystery is solved for me as to why I was not smelling fern in Arlington! I had only the AS to work with!
  3. Atkinson's Gold Medal is pretty close to what you are describing.
    Haven't tried Arlington & I'm no good at describing scents.
    Citrus is hard to find IMO.
    Lime is abundant, but good citrus is harder.

    But I love the Gold medal. Its Cologne strength & has been around since late 18th century :thumbup1:
  4. Yeah, I hate when they do that. Tabac EDC is different from the AS, Mr. Taylor's EDC is different from the cream etc... Arlington AS is true to the soap at least.

    There's also a lot of talk on Basenotes about inconsistencies over the years with Arlington Cologne. From what i gather, the "fern" note is a relatively new addition.
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    <Tabac EDC is different from the AS>
    which is different from the EDT, which is different from the shaving soap
  6. Trumpers Eau de Portugal
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    I was going to say. Actually it is simply "Portugal" for Trumpers.

    4711 Eau de Portugal if you could get it, which you probably can't. EDIT: Pinaud Eau de Portugal, very light. I wonder if Pashana Eau de Portugal smells like Arlington AS. Must be other Eau de Portugals or Portugals out there. All should be basically orange scents. (Not Pen's Douro/Lords, no matter that it has Eau de Portugal on the label!)
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  8. Good stuff ... thanks.
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    I meant "Pinaud Eau de Portugal, very light." I edited in the original message just now. The Pinauds is orangey/neroli-ee with some say cigarette ash. It is like Arlington AS, but is very light and not exactly the same!

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