What do you add menthol crystals to?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Matt P, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Gentlemen,

    As a dedicated "Man of Menthol" I crave all things face freezing. I recently bought some menthol crystals and I'm looking for some good suggestions on how to use them.

    What is your favorite AS to add the crystals to and most importantly how much do you add?
  2. I used mine in my Proraso splash, dropping some crystals inside the tiny hole of the bottle, and also in my Osage rub.
    I added so much in the Proraso that i turned out to be colder than Osage Rub.
    When you apply the aftershave and you vision is all blurry, your eyes watering, it means you added enought:wink2:
  3. Well I added 4 good sized crystals to a bottle of AV Musk. Turned out great! Didn't affect the fragrance at all and it now has a cool blast.:w00t:
  4. Sullybob

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    I have added crystals to my Clubman. Mentholated Clubman is very nice.
  5. I've added menthol crystals to Osage Rub, Aqua Velva, and Booster Polar Ice. I add a few crystals at a time and then shake up the bottle. After adding a few, test the aftershave to see if it's strong enough. If you add to much menthol, you could dilute the aftershave with some water.
  6. Sue

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    To add to a milk or balm you will need to melt the crystals first in liquid then add. If you are adding to a splash, they will dissolve and just shake well. Add a little at a time so you don't end up with too much menthol. The crystals are 'powerful'.
  7. Home made cigarettes...oh wait...

    Unfortunately, we found out my wife could be allergic to menthol recently, she had a really bad reaction to a prescription from the dentist that had menthol as an ingredient. When she was young and stupid, she remembers the same reaction to menthol cigs.

    I don't want my scent to put her in the bed for the WRONG REASON. :laugh:
  8. Where would one find such crystals?

    It sounds like another quest!

    (I can hear the wife now- "You are buying what?)

  9. Where is everyone getting the crystals from?
  10. Sue

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    Just type ' menthol crystals ' in search. You will find a number of suppliers to suit your needs.
  11. Where would one find such crystals?

    It sounds like another quest!

    (I can hear the wife now- "You are buying what?)


    ??? Not sure how this became a double post...???
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  12. Okay, that actually sounds really, really nice.

    My first choice for menthol-added would be Knize Ten A/S. I think it would make a powerful odd-day companion to the Alt.

    Second might be Booster Iced Lime. Then maybe it wouldn't be false advertising.
  13. I have mentholized (is there such a word :blink:), Witch hazel, Brut, Blue Stratos and some other cheap AS, I add them to the point that my eyes run and my face feels like its freezing :velva2::thumbup:.
  14. There are a lot of stores on eBay that have menthol crystals.
  15. ... there's not much to say, really.

    Now when the cat tries to cover me up with litter, her eyes water, too.

    I'm gonna add a few more crystals - this stuff should really punish, ya know?
  16. I got my crystals at my local Drug store. I added them to AV ice blue and to my Barbarsol Brisk/skin bracer mix I decanted in a nice green glass bottle.

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