What did your Old Man smell like?

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  1. I love reading around here that Tabac or Arco or La Toja or MWF smells like "old man".

    I don't know about you guys, but my old man didn't smell at all like any of that stuff! He smelled like Aqua Vela. :biggrin1:

    What about you guys? What did your Old Man smell like?
  2. bottle of scotch.
  3. my dad isn't all that old, but I remember when I was a small kid he always smelled of cacharel, its a French cologne that I cant buy here in the UK but at Christmas he bought me and himself a bottle from france after I asked what it was he used to wear.
  4. Brut! Nowadays, he has a larger cologne selection than myself LOL
  5. Beer, tobacco and a hint of Old Spice!
  6. In the 80's and 90's, Aqua Velva and the last 10 years or so, Avon Wild Country and Black Suede. He's 75 and told me he like Old Spice in the 60's-80's. He said he stopped using it because my grandpa, his father in law, wore too much of it!
  7. Mainly Old Spice AS... Sometimes Brut or Aqua Velva.
  8. TheVez2

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    When my dad does shave, he uses an electric. He does not use aftershave. But on special occasions he will use Avon Wild Country as a cologne. He just finished the bottle he got in 1974. I gave him 2 bottles out of my collection and that should last him the rest of his life.
  9. My father used the typical Old Spice, Aqua Velva ... then he found MUSK!

    .... for a long time he used to really splash on MUSK - you could smell him from a mile away.

    Glad he got over the MUSK ... gee, I'm getting nausea now just thinking about it! :sad:
  10. Yorkshire and sweat.
  11. haha I cant put my finger on what Yorkshire smells like... a steely scent with a splash of hendersons and hints of Barnsley?
  12. The only thing I can remember my Pops wearing was Quorum.
  13. Austin

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    My old man smelled like Bay Rum on Friday nights and Eau de Portugal on Saturday nights. He paid me a dollar to shine his shoes. I miss you pops.
  14. Old Spice and Player's Gold Leaf!
  15. Den


    Speedstick Original or Musk. He hardly ever wore AS or Cologne. If he did, it was so seldom that I can't remember what he wore.
  16. When I was younger I think my Dad used English Leather. I don't recall any specific scent later on in life. While I don't use it, I actually kind of like the scent of English Leather.
  17. British Sterling
  18. martym

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    My father, I would never disrespect him by calling him "my old man", always smells clean and just like my father.
    No disrespect meant toward the OP. It is just the way I was raised.
  19. Black coffee and cigarettes.
  20. Old Spice. He even used the deodorant.

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