What cartridges work for a Schick Super II?

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  1. I'm not looking to switch to cartridges (heaven forbid), but I was thinking about picking up something that I could take as a carry on with me when traveling just in case the safety razor blades in a checked bag don't make it to my destination when I do. As far as I know, cartridges are considered acceptable for carrying on airplanes. So, I was thinking I'd pick up a cartridge razor that I could take with me just in case.

    I've found a handle that was originally designed to take Schick Super II blades. Are there any other options for finding cartridges that would fit this handle or would I have to always try to find NOS blades for it? Also, how tolerable are the shaves that any alternative cartridges might offer?

    Thanks guys.
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  2. Conventional wisdom is that Schick Super II's are identical in interface to Gillette Trac II's. This means that you could get the Personna Twin II cartridges from Walmart for less than $.40/cartridge (with no goo strip).

    I've just finished 7 days on a Personna Twin II and can say that they are very competent (comfortable and close).

    - Chris
  3. Great! Thanks for the prompt response. I figured there had to be some sort of replacement available, but I couldn't really find anything the confirmed this notion. Thanks again!!!
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  5. Brian - how did the Personna Twin II cartridges work out for you??
  6. I can't find any Personna cartridge at Wal-Mart but there are some Wilkinson Super II Plus, any body have any feedback on those. I had just picked up a Contour Atra / Trac II handle, thus interested in finding some good reasonable priced cartridges.
  7. I haven't tried the current Schick / Wilkinson Super II cartridges, sorry.

    I paid too much (I thought) for the Polish-made Gillette branded TracII cartridges from Target ($15.49 for ten) I am using with a Bump Fighter handle (nice mass / weight compared to the original), but looking at all of the Contour material I've seen, it's strictly an Atra clone, unrelated to the TracII. Did you get one with a Feather type reverse adapter or some such?

    (I've read about adapters for a Feather TracII handle to allow those to use Atra type pivoting cartridges.)

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