What can you tell me about these razors?

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  1. My parents found these while cleaning out the family lake house - I assume they're my grandfather's from awhile ago.

    I know nothing about straights, although I have been tempted to get started on it.


    The one on the left says:



    "Solinger Razor Works Fully Warranted" on one side.
    The other side says "Germania Cutl. Works Germany"

    The razor on the right says:

    "The Celebrated Extra Hollow Ground Pipe Razor No. 149" on the blade.
    "George Wostenholm & Son Sheffield England" on the tang.

    Are either worth sending to someone to get cleaned up (I don't have time to do it - super busy lately) and honed? If so, can someone recommend anyone?

  2. I feel like the kid waiting to get picked last for kickball... 75 views and not a peep of "well, at least you have grandpappy's razors!"

    I take it they're nothing special, which is about what I expected.
  3. They are both quality blades and look to be in decent condition. If you would like to send me one, I will be happy to hone it up for you (gratis), but the polishing is on you (they actually look pretty good in that respect and a little hand work would go a long way I suspect). Just wrap it in a $5 bill for return postage. The Germania is probably the better choice. I hate the idea of possibly working into the Etching on the Wosty. Up to you. There's a listing of honemeisters on the wiki.


    Lucky you to have your grandpas razors! Cool way to get started.
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  4. luvmysuper

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    Great find!

    That Wosty is a beaut, and i bet it'll shave like a dream.

    Two quality pieces and they were Grandads. How cool is that?

    Only people who have nothing that was passed to them by Grand Parents or Parents can truly appreciate the wonderful position you are in!
  5. Krodor

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    Worth getting cleaned up? Look good to me as-is. Worth getting honed and back into a rotation? You bet. And yeah, don't sell them. The best razors are the ones from family! Time to get good at it, and teach a youngster so you can pass the tradition along!
  6. Hah, thanks guys.

    I was joking about feeling like the fat kid, but it apparently guilted people into commenting (mission accomplished).
  7. The only aging that needs to be taken away from a straight is rust and non-functionally broken scales. Any polishing or other restoration is merely a personal desire. I feel that every layer you take away from an ancestor's item is one more layer away you are removing them from it. Now; if you feel you would enjoy the razor more polished up and made to look as new then by all means, polish away.

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