What are those little white-head bumps?

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  1. I thought I was getting the hang of shaving with my new DE razor. Three great shaves with none of those annoying little white-head bumps that crop up between the lower lip and chin after a bad shave. One possible explanation might be that the blade was dull. I was trying to stretch a Wal-mart Persona into it's 4th shave. (I have some better blades on order) Do you think it was a dull blade? or do I still need to improve on my technique? And lastly, what are those little white-head bumps anyway? Does anyone else get them?:confused:
  2. those are ingrown hair, quite common for new to proper shaving, usually the cause is too much pressure combined with wrong angle and/or overstretching the skin. do a search on the forum, tons have been written here about them, as they are a stage which you just have to go through, at least I had to, and I bet most of us here as well. this will pass with time, so no worries, just work on your technique.
  3. Yup...tiny ingrowns that develop as a result of bad technique.

    Too much pressure or going ATG on your first or second pass.

    The problem is folks like me whose neck grows in every direction...you can't possibly shave WTG for every hair. So, just do the best you can.

    WTG first couple of passes....XTG for one or two after that and, if you're being rather salty....ATG!

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for your tip about doing a search. I did one and found out some great information about these little white pimples. Looks like many agree with you about the stretching of the skin. I distinctly remember stretching the skin right where these two little bumps are on during my last shave. I'll be more careful not to do so next time Big help. Thanks again.
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  6. no problem, glad to help.

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