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  1. Im about 3 weeks in and thought I was getting the hang of it. I have always gotten very slight razor burn but it's been getting better. I've tried Derbys. Too dull. Lots of tugging after 1st shave. Then astras. A bit better. Then personna red. Ouch I got horrible razor burn my 1st time with personna. I don't feel like I am using any pressure at all. I made 1wtg pass 1 xtg, then a little xtg cleanup. My lather seemed very good (musgo real cream). Any ideas what I can do to improve the situation? Razor was muhle r89. Pretty mild from what I hear.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Even after 4 months I still have an occasional "room-for-improvement" shave. Sometimes it's easy to narrow down (4 passes with an R41), and sometimes it's a mystery.

    How is your prep routine? Have you tried another soap or cream? What is your post-shave: balm, A/S, witch hazel, cold water?
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    This is key for me. The better your prep, the more consistent your shaving results should become. Don't panic- three weeks is still a very short time and it does take a while to learn the skills involved in DE shaving.
    I would suggest that you choose a blade, stay with the same razor, cream and brush and stick at it for the next month. If you feel that you are using almost no pressure, check your blade angle. If the blade is at the wrong angle, it will be scraping the skin rather than gliding on your lather and cutting hair.
  4. I prep with jack black beard lube then hot towel more beard lube then lather (hot lather) and shave. Thayers after followed by floid or alt Innsbruck, then (no laughing here) California babies calendula cream.
    This was 1st time using musgo real but the lather felt very good to me. Nice and slick
  5. How do I find the right angle? I Put the top of razor head on my face with handle perpendicular to my skin then lower handle until I can just feel the blade cutting hair. Is that right?
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    That is a good way to find the right angle, but you will need to concentrate in order to maintain the angle during your shave because the head of a DE razor obviously doesn't pivot. Keep at it- the learning curve is well worth it.
  7. Try cutting down on so much heat - it can make you skin swell and prone to irritation. Cut out the hot towel and see if that helps
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    This may help you with blade angle.
  9. Try some different blades. Gillettes, Lords, Supermax Super Platinum etc.
  10. Update: today I shaved using the same blade but switched back to my trusty proraso. It went great. No irritation at all! I guess I should have heeded the advice not to change things up too much this early on. Will keep a' choppin until I get this DOWN. Then I will delve into the splendor that is my soap cabinet.
  11. I think it's OK to change things, even early on, but only change one thing at a time, and only after a couple of days for things to "settle in."

    Also: congrats on the good shave!

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