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  1. Smith & Wesson has a great law enforcement deal. For my first 1911 should I go full size or commander? Tough choice!
  2. go full. although, I didn't.
  3. What will the pistol do? Carry? Range?
  4. Colt Government Model, Series 70. That will be my next 1911. Not the most tacti-cool by any means, but tried and true.
  5. What's with this "should I go full size or commander" nonsense! It should read, "For my first 1911s I'll get a full size and a commander!" You should always have a back-up.:wink2:
  6. Well there may be a one week gap between purchasing both. My Colt Double Eagle gets here Monday. I did order a full size 1911
  7. I love my dad's commander. Though, it is a Colt.
  8. Good for you, Justin! :biggrin1: Out here on the Left Coast, I would have to wait a month by law to buy a second handgun! :mad3: One handgun a month. And to take effect in 2011: no online purchases of handgun ammo, only purchase handgun ammo from a FFL dealer, must present proper I.D. and thumbprint! :angry: Though, I could drive across the border to Nevada or Arizona and buy all the handgun ammo I want! Totally useless law and once again only affects the law-abiding. Serious constitutional challenge by NRA: law in violation of interstate commerce, or something.
  9. No offense Ferengi, but that's one reason you couldn't pay me enough to live in CA. Next you'll have serial numbered ammo.
  10. I did shoot the POST just fine with a commander. I was stuffing clips like a mad man though.
  11. No offense taken. They're working on that though. The plan is to have the serial number of the gun micro-stamped on the case when the gun is fired! :thumbdown
  12. Got 1 series 70, never again.

    There is a good reason that no other manufacturer adopted and colt got rid of the the self centering bushing. Its a PITA.

    Full Frame
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  13. +1 :thumbup1:. I had mine replaced with solid stainless steel bushings matched to the barrels by a gunsmith.
  14. Love my Kimber! I would not hesitate to recomend them. And Ferengi... if it all works out those of us here in Az will be able to carry concealed NO PERMIT!!!!! Woo Hoo!!
    Sorry just had two add my 2 cents.
  15. Fortunately, I'm retired LE so CCW is not an issue for me and I live in a conservative county whose sheriff understands that the CCW permit holders are not the problem. We issue more CCW permits to the citizenry than all other CA counties combined (I think)! Wish CA was as enlightened on the subject as AZ, though.
  16. AHH you're one of the lucky ones!!:thumbup:
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    Go full size, if it's too big to c. carry in the warm seasons get commander then. Can't have too many 1911's. I have a Rock River and love it. I would probably go with a Springfield for my next 1911 (if I don't go with a custom shop). Great guns and I have heard lots of good things regarding thier customer service.

    (one a month etc. is pretty bad but nothing like the dozen flaming hoops to jump through in NYC to get 1 per 3 months):cursing:

  18. I didn't think you could even own a handgun in NYC the way the mainstream media propagandizes! 'Course, people probably think the same about Kali-fornia. Can't forgive Arnie for signing those gun bills into law...no .50cal. rifles, no mail order ammo, micro stamping...some Terminator, eh? Of the current governor wannabe's, surprisingly Jerry Brown is a better friend to gun owners than Meg Whitman! As Attorney General he actually downsized the DOJ Firearms "Division" back to a Bureau and stopped the DOJ from lobbying for anti-gun bills! Unbelievable! If you are a single issue voter, he's one to watch.
  19. I was talking about one of the new Series 70 Colt repros. It has the same barrel bushing that the Series 80's has.
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    Full size 1911's (5" barrel) are super fun to shoot. Accurate is the only way to describe.

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