Well, THAT Didn't Go As Planned!

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  1. Not quite a noob, but much to learn, it seems...

    This evening, I learned a few things. 'Twas doing my evening shave, using Cella, Omega Pro 48, EJ89L, Astra blade, etc, etc.

    The first thing I learned was that when applied to the handle of the Pro 48, Cella is really, really slippery. Halfway through the shave, the brush took off across the bathroom, bounced off the toilet, smacked the tiled wall and floor, and wound up behind the toilet. Cleaned almond-scented mess and relathered.

    Second thing was that if you're going to sling your brush across the room, it would be well to select the Pro 48. It's about as delicate as a football helmet: no dings, scratches or cracks. Glad it wasn't my Semogue 1305.

    Third: For me, Astra blades fall off a cliff after the third shave. Seriously. Got two weepers, which I never get, and things became (more) uncomfortable as the end neared. A half hour later, things are still uncomfortable.

    Fourth: A cold Anchor Steam Beer is just a really, really wonderful thing, and two, believe it or not, are even better....*sigh*

  2. You will find that the AstraBlade will get much sharper after the fourth beer. Try it!:001_rolle

    You could even do an experiment and post the results of:
    1 beer shave:001_smile
    2 beer shave:bored:
    3 beer shave:tongue_sm
    4 beer shave:blink:

    Just don't try this with a straight razor. :w00t:

    No Flames. I'm :lol:just joking.
  3. Great post.

    That Cella is slicker than the devil in a pair of velvet pants. I try to remember to rinse of the fingers after lathering up, and to watch it if lather gets on the hand or razor handle during the shave.

    Isn't the word "Cella" Italian for "Better than PTFE"?
  4. :lol:
  5. Really need to try Cella! This post put it ahead of MWF.
  6. rickcharles606

    rickcharles606 Contributor

    Not in my book, but it's still really slick and provides great cushion and loads of lather. I just prefer MWF's scent over the Cella....I have and use both, lol
  7. rickcharles606

    rickcharles606 Contributor

    Well Jeff, we've learned a few things ourselves from your post;

    1. You have a good sense of humor
    2. Your lather is slick :lol:
    3. You need to try Feather blades
    4. You like good beer and need two of them to get loose :tongue_sm
  8. I could have told you that about the Astras. They are a great blade though. Their combination of sharpness and forgiveness is awesome. Plus, you can get them very cheaply. I believe Bullgoose sells 200 for $26! Compare that with 200 Feather blades going for $70 and we have a winner. 13 cents per Astra is about as good as it gets. Who cares if it only lasts 3 shaves at that point. I consider 3 shaves about average for any blade.
  9. For what it's worth, the beers came after the shave.....

    Ah well.

  10. Astras are my go-to blade. They have the perfect combo of smooth and sharp IMHO. They are also cheap enough to toss after shave 2, so there is no need to venture into the 3 or 4 shave danger range.

    Can you imagine how different this thread would have been if the toilet lid were not diligently closed before shaving commenced.:w00t: This is how we all learn!
  11. I need to get a pair of velvet pants, then, and wear them when I shave - call them my shaving pants.

    Great post, and I learned that I'm not the only one who likes a good drink after a good shave!
    I also like a good drink after a bad shave.
  12. :blink:
  13. I have to agree about the limits of the Astra blades. They are also my go to blades for the same reasons cited above - they reside in a very attractive triangulation of sharpness/forgiveness/cost. But its three-and-out for me as well. Especially leery of ATG on that third use. Definitely more conducive to weepers then.

    - Doug
  14. I like your thinking, but I'm a morning shaver.....

    Of course, it is always 5:00 somewhere, right?
  15. Chancho, sometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy-pants in your room. It is for fun.
  16. Don't know about you, but the thought of velvet shaving pants made me laugh uproariously.
  17. [​IMG]

    Velvet and shaving, together at last.

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