Well, my wife caught on . . .

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  1. I just told my wife that I'm sending my Gillette Slim to get replated. After she found out the price, she pointed out that I sure am spending a lot of money on something that was supposed to save money.

    How long did it take your wives to catch on? It only took mine about 2 months.
  2. Tell her.."yes honey, the razor will still last many years..but stay looking pretty" :lol:
  3. Youve gotta start shipping things to your buddies house!!!:a6:
  4. SHHHHHHHHHHH dang it.
  5. I tried to explain that since the blades are so much less expensive, it'll save money in the long run. I still don't think she believes me.
  6. She don't ask, I don't tell.
  7. My wife doesn't get involved, she thinks its crazy anyway.
  8. I dont ask about her clothes, she doesn't ask about my razors. All is well.
  9. My EX Wife never liked the concept of wet shaving or Badger and Blade...... she thought it was a complete waste of time and money.....

    My current Wife wears Floris, and Penhaligons, and actually set up my shave den in our home we now live in together.

    I am so much happier now obviously.....

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  10. My wife said it's either her or the Razors, I sometimes wonder how she is doing. :lol:

    Jk. she tired of asking me what is in those boxes I get, plus the mail man know to hide the pkgs under the bench. :wink2:
  11. LOL, my husband has no idea how fortunate he is, apparently! For him, though, saving money was never the object. A better, smoother shave was. It has the pleasant side effect of less trash going into the landfills, which really appeals to me. Not only do I support his shaving hobby, but I've become a convert myself. I love it! I've been recommending this way of shaving to all of my female friends and family. :)
  12. winner!!!
  13. alex2363

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    this is funny..........

  14. And she's pretty ....added bonus!!!

    My ex wife and my current GF both think I'm nuts on Traditional Wet Shaving.....maybe I need to go back on Match.com and put i'm a crazy wet shaver in my profile! LOL!
  15. Even better, start a dating site for wet shavers?
  16. My wife has expensive hobbies of generally questionable merit (when taken to the extent I have, trust me...It is.) as well, so she has no "high ground" from which to criticize my RAD.

    I know how lucky I am. :lol:
  17. Wow, lucky you! She's a keeper! Lol. My wife has totally come around but does ask now & then how much I spent. Nothing rude mind you just keeping check of the finances. When I tell her my scores she's all happy:)
  18. I know where you are, Zen with a woman is something few of us get to experience. Well it isn't ALL Zen...but mostly. :001_smile
  19. My wife caught on too, but I mentioned that my previous hobby of "off handed crossbow marksman" is a ton more dangerous, so she is fine.
  20. Great for you, member sister! Spread the word!

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