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  1. I've tried the waleda aftershave balsam which as an aftershave balm and its not bad stuff. I don't know if its similar to their skin food but its not in the same class as trumpers.
  2. These skin foods are totally different products. The Weleda is a rich, thick cream, more akin to a hand cream (I use it as such), whereas the Trumper products are liquid. Their compositions are also quite different. Whereas the Trumper skin foods are glycerin-based, the Weleda cream is mostly fat-based.

    Both skin-food types are excellent products in their own rights. In fact, I have had excellent results with all Weleda product I have ever used. Weleda has, in their shaving lineup, a dedicated cream, but it is so expensive that I never bought it. I did use a sample once, and I must say that that cream is outstanding.

    So, I think the only common aspect of the two is the term "skin food", but this term does not describe a type of cosmetics; it's just a slogan.

    Best - MM

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