Weight loss and suit fit

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  1. Picked up my two suits from the tailor this evening. After a 35# weight loss they looked like I was playing dress up in my dad's clothes.... They fit great now, I've always had issues with getting a good fitting shirt but have never had anything tailored before. They tapered the jackets/shirt and took in the waist and seat of the pants. I am not sure Ill ever try to wear anything just off the rack anymore, I can't recommend it highly enough.
  2. I agree totally. I've never actually had it done, but I'm going to order a couple of shirts from an online custom clothing site. Shirt-sleeve length is an issue for me. 32-33" is way too short. 34-35" is too long. Everybody is trying to sell one-size fits-all now. Anyhow, glad you were able to find a tailor that did a good job for you.
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    Glad to hear it. I just took a ton of stuff to get tailored for the first time and am waiting on the return. I now notice how bad all my other clothes fit. and going to have to take the rest of my clothes in.
  4. Been there (I am there right now). My tailor is a miracle maker. I fluctuate between weight and my tailor takes in and lets out when I need it. I don't let fluctuation get in the way of how clothes fit. However, I try not to mess with my sports coats. I have a few that fit great on the shoulders but are worn when I'm a little heavy or have lost a little weight.
  5. Congrats on your weight loss! I went through something similar a few months ago, after a 25lb weight loss. I picked up OTR suits and had them adjusted, as well as got a couple of suits tailored. It just feels so different to wear a well-fitting custom suit.
  6. It feels different but in a good way. It fits like a glove. It's closer to your body but it shouldn't be restrictive.
  7. Back when I was making $20 an hour I was always ordering semi-custom clothes. I have recently found a seamstriss in my town who is very reasonable & I am going to be keeping her busy!
  8. I'll actually be in DC in two weeks to catch my tailor on his way through to have my suits taken in as well, lost 20 lbs and they are hangin off me now! Not a bad prob to have though.

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