Wee Scot arrived today

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by erudolph, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. The Wee Scot arrived today from West Coast Shaving and I find it to be awesome. Had already shaved but just did a test bowl lather with the new Proraso Green.

    The lather was smooth and creamy and certainly enough for two or three passes. The Scot is possessed of surgical accuracy when it comes to putting lather only where you want it to go. And it looks cute sitting alongside other brushes.
  2. Great, great brush.
    There's another thread about "which would you choose if stranded on a desert island"? When I read the title, my gut told me my Wee Scot. Little did I know it was a boar versus badger thread.
    Anyways, it's likely the brush I will end up reaching for most, even though I'm blow away with my new V-L. There's just something special about the Wee.
  3. I think if I had to pick one for the desert island it'd be a Rooney 1/2. But you're right, the Wee Scot rocks in addition to be amusing.
  4. Marco

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    A little gem!
  5. I love the Wee Scot knot, but because of the handle I tend to use it only with shave sticks.
  6. My Wee Scot is an amazing little brush and can do most anything a full size brush from other companies can do. But with how small it is, it occasionally slips around in my fingers, so I don't use it as much as I should. I'm sure I could get used to a different grip style, but I really love my Chubby 1 (Commodore, Emperor, etc.) for the grip, heft, and thicker knot.
  7. Mine is in the mail right now from WCS, can't wait to try it out.
  8. dpm802

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    I made the switch to Boar Bristle about a year and a half-ago ... but the WeeScot is the only badger I kept in active rotation for those days when it seems like badger is the way to go. It would still be my one and only active badger, except I recently acquired a Rooney 3/1 Super-Silvertip, and that sits alongside the WS for those shaves when the whim strikes me to go badger.

    All my other badgers, including my much-loved C&E BBB, have been relegated to the collectible category.

    I have no trouble with the small handle, but if you do, you can get a crutch-tip that will fit over the WS handle and give you a larger, more comfortable grip.

    The WS is one of those little secrets of the wet-shaving world ... you won't know how great it really is until you try it for yourself.

    And I wish people would stop thinking of it as "just another travel brush." The WS does just fine as a go-to brush for your daily shave at home, too. When I travel, I usually leave my brushes at home and just hand-lather. If I do decide to take a brush, its usually a Semogue 1305 in a Muhle-Pinsel travel tube.
  9. A pic of mine before it passed on...too small for me

  10. OK. Now I want one. WCS sent me an e-mail this week saying they were back in stock - hope they last until payday.
  11. Congrats, the brush is awesome!
  12. I love this little brush. Got one for travel, but I find I'm using it at home too. The Wee shot!
    $Wee Shot.JPG
  13. I love my Wee Scot !! It works great on Proraso green in the tub !!
  14. I love the WS too. Certainly no novelty brush. Easily handles soaps and creams, especially good for travel. My only complaint is that most of the lather ends up on my hands, the handle is small..(That's the point)
    But that doesn't affect the performance of the brush one bit.
    Prefer my Duke 1 in best, but wouldn't part with the Scot.
  15. It´s a superb brush. It was designed for travellers. Use it as one. My brush has always accompanied me on my trips. And always will..

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