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  1. So up until this point I've been progressing steadily. My last shave was closer, was SAS and had next to no irritation. I was using a 1/2 hollow at the time. Today's shave was with a Spike and over time, it looks to be honed down to a near wedge; if not to a full wedge. Today's shave was DFS in most places but I paid for it. The alum never lies. I tried to take my time, more than average, because I don't have a lot of time with this particular razor. What is the difference between these to grinds? Is this a matter of preference/some grinds are more face friendly than others?
  2. The more hollow grinds are more face friendly because of the feedback you get from them. If your angle is off you can hear it. But with a heavier grind you can't hear it as much. I prefer a 1/2 hollow myself I have a big ole near wedge but I rarely use it.
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    I would say your technique is the one greatest factor to a nice comfortable shave. After that is edge finishing, then maybe blade type.
    Like Matt said not being able to hear the hair getting wacked may have contributed also.
  4. I agree. I assume my technique is at fault most of the time. The last couple of weeks everything seems to be getting tighter, even in and around my chin is getting easier. So this was the first time that I startedlooking outside of myself for possible explainations. The razors I shave with have been honed by reputable folks on this forum. I'll try again tomorrow and compare it against another razor.

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