Weck Sextoblades - how to clean these up?

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    Hello, everyone. I took my first steps into straight razor shaving, and got two Weck Sextoblades, one regular (plastic scales) and a Medical Sextoblade (metal scales). Here they are:

    The Medical looks pretty good on the surface. It pivots fine, tight and well. The regular has a loose pivot pin, at around 90° it can stay in its position, but even a light touch will make it fold back in, or outward. I hope to correct this by doing something like this.

    But they both have rust inside the blade arm. I thought the metal one was fine since there was no rust on the blade in it, but there appears to be some in the close-up photos. The regular is bad, according to my completely inexperienced judgement. I had to use pliers to pull the blade out, and rust is visible even to my visually impaired, naked eyes.

    Here's the inside of the regular, as best I can photograph it:

    And the Medical:

    What would you experienced people recommend to treat these? Should I try to jam some sand paper in there and go back and forth? Any liquid products they should have a swim in? I've never purchased antiques in my life before, and I don't really have an idea where to start with these.

    I could just shave along, as the rust isn't on the blades themselves, only inside the blade arm. I'd like to try to care a little more for them though. And does anyone know what kind of metal the regular one is made of? The Medical is stainless steel, I believe, but the regular doesn't have the same silver-ish look. Is it brass? It looks a little dim, wondering if I can polish it or something.

    Thanks for any help. :001_smile
  2. I had corrosion on the inside of the blade holder on one or two of mine. I just ran a soft thin cloth through it with acetone and then wd-40 on it. Seemed to clean it up just fine. I had one that was loose and the former user had put a piece of masking tape on the blade spine so it would hold tightly. Then left it in for a few years. I had a helluva time getting the blade out - broke it once. However, it finally gave up. That one also cleaned up with the acetone/wd-40 trick.

    After you clean it, the blade might be a little loose. To tighten the blade, I just pinched the holder near the back end with a pair of small pliers - watching closely so I didn't kink it. I used small pliers so I wouldn't get more than I wanted. The spine is pretty tough so you have to squeeze it pretty good with small pliers. You could probably use a pair of Vice Grips and sneak up on it by closing the Vice Grip jaws slowly and then clamping the spine until you get it where you want it. In another hobby I have used that trick to break small Christmas bulbs without ruining the element.
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    You use those bulbs as an ignition source fer sumthin?
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    Thanks, will have to look for those tomorrow. :001_smile
  5. Once you get them cleaned up, there are two ways to prevent corrosion in the future (taken from the Weck Sextoblade instruction manual):

    1. After each shave, remove the blade and dry it thoroughly. Then blow the moisture out of the channel on the blade holder.


    2. Before inserting a new blade, coat the blade spine with vaseline. Then you will be able to leave the blade in the holder until it needs to be replaced.
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  6. Yes - but there are lots more steps involved and you get an inferior product. It is just a parlor trick. My other hobby is manufacture and use of legal pyrotechnics.

    Interesting. I've received several of the hair shapers with blades that were corroded into the holder (though not badly). I started taking the blades out and switching holders at the beginning of the shave - which is doing what you quoted in the first suggestion. I don't know about using Vaseline all the time - just because it is a bit messy. But it is a good thing to know about. Thanks.
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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I put them to use.

    Went at it today, with Acetone and WD-40. The Medical looks to be in very good shape now. I can't be sure how the inside of the blade holder on the regular is until I can take more close-up photos, some time after this busy weekend. But I'll say it looks promising.
  8. Shaving with a Weckisori sounds like fun too!

    I got my two vintage Wecks in the mail today, they look really nice, scales are in good shape with a little polishing they will shine. Got some grunge to get out of the holders too, thanks for the tips on cleaning them up. I also picked up a FROMM shaper from Sally Beauty along with some blades, the shaper is a poor copy of the Weck but for $3.50, it will go into the display case with the rest.

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  9. I wish I'd paid more attention to this thread. I haven't taken the blade out of my Weck in a while and it is now good and stuck.
    I sure hope there isn't any corrosion.
  10. Remove the blade after each shave and clean everything up after each shave. It takes very little time. In my case, I do it while my alum is sitting on my face, prior to rinsing. Like they said above, blow out the holder and dry the blade. Then you can put the blade back in if you choose. I haven't found the need for Vaseline but I can see how it would work nicely.

  11. I got one and the blade was stuck and there is some rust in the channel. Also some good leftover soap residue. Is the rust from the blade or the actual razor rusting??
  12. I got the blade out after much effort. Fortunately, corrosion doesn't seem to have been the issue -- but there was a hell of a lot of caked-on soap residue. I had to chip away at the build-up enough for me to slide the blade out with pliers.

    Live and learn (thanks, Jerry). I'm just glad I didn't spoil the tool.
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  13. :)... Y/W. I have those as well. I find the SS (Nurse's?) one to be a bit heavy for my taste. The older one gives a great shave.


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