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  1. After hearing many positive reviews about the Weber I was hoping to pick up one of the "DLC" (black coated) versions. However, I was waiting for them to introduce it with a matching handle. As I recall, two or three months ago there was an indication that they would indeed offer the handle that way. Growing impatient, last week I reached out to Ed at Weber to see what was up. In a rather terse response to the question "Just as a quick follow up, should I understand this to mean that there are no plans to introduce a DLC coated handle in the future?" the one word answer was "Correct". This is disappointing as I understand they provide a very good shave but I really have no interest in buying the two-toned version. Oh well, some other vendor will enjoy my RAD dollars.
  2. Was your intention to inform us all that they aren't going to be making a DLC Handle?

    You could get the ARC head, and not have a two-toned razor if you wanted.
  3. Well i got me the ARC version with matching classic handle and Head, are you saying he no linger offers that matchimg set?

    I got me a Weber Bulldog handle and up with EJ89 Head, Wow what a difference that Bulldog handle makes, the weight of it makes the EJ89 head more efficient, and doesnt take away its smoothness what so ever ;o)

    I dont know what is going on with these vendors of All Stainless Steel Razors made in the USA.
    Weber and Tradere, they both offer mis match color sets many Members are holding back because of this, They should really take a good look at there sets and see how ugly these mismatch combos look :eek:/ and hear the cries of the Members/
    Customers, after all if they dont im sure others will and it would be a shame as i want to buy made in USA, but they dont adhere to customers wants :eek:/

    Besides all that i Love and i mean trully Love my Weber All ARC with classic handle razor, Shaves like a Dream/ Feather AS D-1 i would recomend that razor to anyone without hesitation.

    Seriously what the big deal with polishing the heads to match the Weber Bulldog? Is it that much expensive and more work to get it done? Either way im not Buying Mismatch sets, so where is the savings on there end if lots of us arent buying those ugly mismatch combos "no offense" to anyone Who has it or likes it.

    Anyway im going to order me another Weber Bulldog Handle and put an EJ89 head on it, its going to be a gift for someone in my family :eek:)
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  4. Yes to the question and I'm not interested in the ARC head.
  5. They are still offering the ARC head which matches the Bulldog handle. That said, I wanted the DLC version in part because it was different. I've attached a BRW handle to my Tradere to get a better match. I'm sure the ARC set up is great but I thought there were likely other guys like me looking for an all black DLC set up so wanted to alert them to the fact that at the current time it is not going to be available.
  6. yeah it is unfortunate that the DLC coating is so difficult to apply to a knurled handle, you just can't get that same black finish onto a handle that actually has sufficient grip to it. however, from everything i've read, the ARC coating is supposed to be just as slick and extremely similar in its low-friction profile, which is what i'm looking for because i constantly feel the chrome finish on my other razors sticking to my skin a bit. if you were only really interested in the DLC because it was black, then i sympathize. but if you wanted the DLC because it is low-friction, then i'm pretty sure you should give the ARC another consideration.
  7. unfortunately the ARC isn't currently being produced but it shouldn't be too hard to find one on BST or another forum. i posted searching for one on BST yesterday and already got an offer.
  8. If you get an offer on another one, please drop me a PM. I'm too new to post a WTB.

  9. Just so you know the ARC head does not match the high polished Bulldog Handle at all, The ARC head is like a light Titanium Color like the Feather AS-D1, So they do not match at all, unless Weber has a High Polished Head, That i havent seen?

    I got the ARC Classic Handle That matches the ARC head, but i no longer see the Arc Classic Handle being offered :eek:/

    I too was waiting on an all Black Version DLC Bulldog Set, Sad to hear its not coming out, i was looking forward to an all Black "Combat Edition" Sounds good doesnt it? I saw a post where a Member here Painted and baked his razor in black, it looked Great.
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    Just put the Weber Bulldog handle on the polished Tradere head and then use the Tradere handle with the Weber ARC head. Bam! Two problems solved!
  11. But wait, I was going to use the Tradere handle with my Feather AS, the Bull Dog with my BRW nickel plated NEW, the Feather handle with the ARC head and the BRW Bull Mastiff handle with the Tradere head.
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    I blame you and your pictures for my recent purchase of the a Thater 49125/3 when I already have the size 0. The least you could do is follow my razor advice. The size 3 seems gigantic compared to the size 0.
  13. But the two-toned look is in! Just look at all the LC & SC NEWs we love so much. They're almost all two-toned.

    See this thread, it's the original Weber thread. Lot's of good stuff, even an OC Weber in the begining! (Which I've tried without luck to find!)


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  14. At first I thought you were joking, but now it is starting to make sense.......:w00t:
  15. Exactly, my much loved (by many owners befire me) Long Comb New is all over the place when it comes to color.
  16. My respect and thanks to Ed from (Weber Razors) Greg (iKon Razors) and Richard (Tradere Razors) All visionary owners of companies that produce outstanding Stainless Steel Razors…….for their foresight and willingness to communicate with their customers.I've had the pleasure of interacting with each of these men and would not hesitate to purchase their products.Each of them have infinitely more patience than I.

    When contrasted against a well known company that produces a high volume of crappy zamac razors covered with pathetically bad plating who will tell you any problems you're experiencing are due to YOUR inferior water supply ? It isn't difficult to put things in perspective.
  17. +100
  18. i think the mismatched color of the ARC with a bulldog handle compared to the DLC with a bulldog handle will bother me like 80% less, and that makes it worth it for the excellent quality razor and low-friction finish on the head, i think. if i don't like it, i won't have a hard time selling it. but i know for sure i could never do the DLC head with a bulldog handle, that would bug me TOO much.
  19. I love my bulldog handle/89 head combo as well!!!
  20. + 1. I love my Weber bulldog handle on my EJ De89 head. And I too, purchased the Weber razor with arc coating on the handle and head. I really like it! I believe there were problems with Weber trying to get the DLC coating on the handle. It wasn't up to standards.

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