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  1. The title really says it all. I am looking into a hamilton jazzmaster and I am torn between the leather strap and the metal strap. I am wondering which would be the best fit and why. I work in the technology field, and dress can range from semi formal to semi casual.

    When do you prefer a leather over metal, and what kind / color of leather is your favorite.


    p.s. is this band waterproof at all? If I am washing my hands with the watch on, will it hurt or ruin the band?
  2. alb


    Metal for me. Lasts a long, long time, and when it starts to acquire the funk, I can just toss the whole watch in an ultrasonic cleaner for 5 minutes, rinse, and it's ready to go again.
  3. I find that metal looks better longer but that leather looks more professional.

    It all comes down to when you will be wearing the watch
  4. Alacrity59

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    I prefer metal. I'd just mention that if you are ordering online that some watch bands require a special tool press out the pins to remove links and some only require a jewelers screwdriver.
  5. Depends on the watch.
  6. I don't have nice watches, but I've always had leather bands. I can't stand the metal ones as they never seem to fit snugly without pinching, or they fit too loosely and slide around too much. That said, I really like the look of the metal band.
  7. I have always been more of a leather band fan than metal, but as mentioned above, it really does depend on the watch.
  8. I have to say, that band looks very nice on that watch. I do not know how the bracelet would look, but I generally prefer leather for office wear. I'm sure the bracelet would do just fine though.

    Regarding waterproof leather bands, some are treated with 3M scotchguard, so if this one was not treated you could always do so yourself and make it waterproof. Scotchguard should be available at Bed Bath & Beyond, or other such places. A shoe-leather product (such as Kiwi waterproofing spray) should also work.


  9. I can highly recommend the Hamilton JazzMaster, you won't be disappointed. I've had my JM (with the power reserve dial and black leather band) for two years now and it keeps perfect time. Like others have said, the band depends on the type of watch, but also the situation in which it will be worn. I prefer the leather bands for an office environment (to me it looks more professional) and try to keep the metal bands for more casual events.


  10. Looks like you need some power. :lol:
    Looks great, What I may do is get the metal version then either contact Hamilton and see if I can get their leather band (does anyone know if I could do that?) or I may get an aftermarket one that is designed to be waterproof. (would water ruin a non-"waterproof" leather band?)
  11. Yeah, it's been a couple of weeks since I've worn that one. I try to keep them all in rotation as much as possible :biggrin:

  12. theres an unwritten rule around that says you should not wear a metal bracelet watch with a suite or tux,

    personaly, im currently thinking if the rubber band on my hamilton X-Wind is worth replacing to metal or leather,

    btw, if its automatic, remember to give it a shake once in a while, you want the movement to actually move once in a while so it mantains itself well lubricated, im seeing the power reserve on that watch on zero,
  13. I have a Hamilton Jazzmaster the same as the one in the link but with a black face. I purchased it with a leather band and later bought the metal band. I find I wear it with the leather band about 90% of the time. It's just more comfortable and fits my wrist much better than the metal band. The leather regularly gets wet on my wrist and has suffered no ill effects.
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    Technically, "semi-formal" means black tie ... ie, tuxedo. :001_rolle

    back in the real world ...

    Generally, leather straps are 'dressier' than metal ... at least the slim, sleek leather ones (not to be confused with the chunky, rough leather straps that you see on big casual watches.)

    IMHO, you can get lots of watches that look classy and business-appropriate whether with metal or leather band ... I'd focus on picking the right overall look rather than worrying about metal vs. leather in particular, and go with your personal preferance on that issue.
  15. Austin

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    I wear my Rolex with an oyster band for all occasions. I also have an Omega with a stainless steel band that I wear for all occasions.

    Some of my other watches have very nice leather bands that look quite nice and can be worn for most occasions.

    I would not worry about it and just get what you want.
  16. TimmyBoston

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    I prefer metal banded watches myself.
  17. Gruder

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    Metal band for everyday use, leather for special occasion use.
  18. I know that leather is much more in style, now, but I still prefer metal bracelets. I love my stainless steel Rolex DateJust with Jubilee bracelet and I recently got a Casio Pathfinder in titanium with titanium bracelet.

  19. I am a metal band guy also. I LOVE watches. I does depend on the watch and time it's being worn.

    That Jazz looks nice with a black leather band... but if it's going to be worn everyday... get a metal.

    Buy the tools needed and read up online on how to change the bands out and have a collection of watches and a collection of bands.... change out as needed!
  20. I prefer a watch with a metal band.

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