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  1. Razor burn, uncut whiskers, and ingrown hairs. I used 3 blades, only one crappy shave each. Two of them would just glide over my growth on one side and not even cut the hair, but still scraped my face badly.
    Crap crap crap.
  2. Calm down. It must be something else since these are known to be adequate blades. No they arent the sharpest or best but I get no irritation at all from them. Very few blades get the absolute suck rating in my book. Very few and I think that was my fault. Hell....just toss them and move on:)
  3. Hmmm, I've used them and didn't have a problem. I remember them mainly as being unremarkable (although I dig the old-school case: that's what I started with).

    I see you use a Slim: what was it set at? I used mine for the first time today (with Personna blades).
  4. I used them for a couple of months when I was a little light on dough and couldn't restock my Feathers. I thought they were a great bargain for the price. Not a top shelf blade, but not a Derby/Merkur level of suckiness either.
  5. I used it on 3,4,&5 I normally use the walgreens brand blades, they're rebranded American safety razor. Anyway, they didn't feel any different on any setting. The walgreens just take the hair off with barely a sound. I haven't purchased a sampler yet, but it's on my to-do list. I normally use the #4 setting on my slim.
  6. The Walgreen's blades are about the worst I've ever used. Right there or maybe slightly worse than Derby. Never used Merkur. And I have had great success with the Wally-Werld Wilkies. They work very well in my Gillette GoodWill and my Parker 72R. So we've got a true illustration of:

  7. I've used them on several occasions and thought they were ok for when your in a pinch, nowhere near the smoothest or sharpest but far far from the worst blade I've ever slid across my face.

  8. I like them much better when I palm-strop the fresh blade.
  9. There not like the platinum blades of the world but they are no where near as horrible as you claim they are. I would check into technique or possibly a bad batch?
  10. I keep a stash on hand and find them very good (the German ones). I'm always suspect when someone starts screaming crap. Sounds like inexperience to me as most people think they are decent to very good.
  11. My experience with Wally Wilkies can be summed up as a respectable shave. Better than cartridges. It's the first DE I used. I would be content using them in a pinch. I'm really amazed that any retailer that carries shaving supplies would carry DE's in today's market. The cartridges have to be both more profitable and higher volume. I also amazed that locally there isn't any specialty retailer that has filled this niche.

    Anyway... I'm guessing you got a bad batch. They seem to get relatively consistent middle of the road review's on here.
  12. The Walmart Wilkes are on the bottom of my blade list just worse than Merkur blades...lots of drag and weepers...if they work for some than good deal a cheaper blade. I think everyone should try them since razor blades are the biggest variable of all.
  13. I agree...right after technique.
  14. Excellent point! What seems good or bad the first few months of wet shaving can change greatly later on. Its good to re-visit some of the old blades you didn't like early on.
  15. Yep. I need to revisit some myself. I've been using Feathers exclusively for a few years now, and wouldn't mind finding a cheaper alternative. I'm just soooooo laaaazzzy.
  16. Are the Wally blades the same as those found as store brands in places like Wallgreens, RiteAide, various supermarkets? I've tried some from various places and they seemed about the same- so so - nothing horrible but certainly not you first choice.
  17. Yeah but if you've found *the* blade, why switch? Even if you save 2/3 of the cost of the Feathers, what's your annual savings? But I'm getting sucked into the Feather black hole and recently ordered a hundred to add to my stash of Astra and Personna Lab blades.

    But back to German Wilkinsons. If they weren't from Walmart I bet people would love them.
  18. Yes ^, technique and your lather or lack there of.....
  19. No, they're different. I believe the Walgreens, etc blades are Personnas, and the Wal-Mart blades are Wilkinson Swords.

    I don't know why. I guess variety is the spice of life. I latched onto Feathers within my first few weeks of wetshaving and have only tried other blades here and there. Like I said though, I'm too lazy/cheap to try a bunch of other stuff. I'll just have to keep suffering through great shaves with the Feathers!
  20. Used one today in my redtip. I have no problems with them, and find them very smooth.


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