Waldorf Barbershop - New Video

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  1. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  2. I've seen the vid before....very interesting...it would be neat if there was such a place by me!
  3. I want to go. :frown:
  4. What a wonderful video !!! If only there were still barbershops like that on every corner. Makes me regret that I just get a buzz haircut !!! :001_tt1: :jump:
  5. True it makes me also think I'm not testing my barber to the best of his abilities as all I get is a trim/tidy up!
  6. Just found the Waldorf vids. They don't make barbershops like that anymore!
  7. Very cool.....We do str8 shaves at my shop but not haircuts.
  8. Very classy
  9. Nice one!
  10. Thanks a lot. As a sentimental fool, I was moved by this video, reminded of my father's and my three old barbers. I love to see old traditions kept alive.

    The whole secret to good shaving as one of the elderly barbers said:
    "At the Waldorf, we always take our time".
    I call it Tai-Chi shaving.
  11. Nice!
  12. Wow, if ever i go in Ireland i would stop by.
    And imagine to have a wife like that, she can shave u and give u awesome haircut:001_wub:
  13. Niles

    Niles Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Me, too.
  14. class!
  15. & after the shave, there is a great bar just around the corner that serves lovely pints of guinness :a26:
  16. I bet that box of various recipes has to be interesting. Wonder if they try and make up anything from that box.
  17. What took me back in time was the use of scissors. Seems the only time anyone uses scissors on my hair is to trim around the ears. Even then some use electric clippers ... I miss that sound. Thanks for bringing back the memories ...
  18. Even the clippers were manual, great touches.

    Wonder how much the charge?
  19. This is the wonderful place I do my barber training in!

    It's just a short course unfortunately but it's been great (I was there for my last class tonight and have my exam next week - eeeep!).

    I have to say I simply LOVE going down there every Thursday evening for my class. The music playing, the smell of pomade in the air and Liam and Linda working away.

    They were on TV again just a week ago so here's an updated clip from the Waldorf:

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