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  1. I was digging through an old box, and came across a Wade and Butcher Special straight razor in real nice shape. The scales are white/yellowish with the word SPECIAL written through an arrow, the blade has the same insignia which is very visible and not faded as does the Tang (neck park of blade). The blade is still relatively sharp and free of nicks.

    I will try and attach a picture if I can figure out how to. I am wondering if someone can give me some history on this razor? Is it old, is it good quality, is it worth anything?

    I currently shave with a Edwin Jagger DE-89 razor, as well as a 59 Gillette FatBoy Adjustable razor. I think this straight I found is super cool. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. It looks good to me. I would get it honed, and try it out.
  3. Thanks for the reply Skrymr, it is already honed. Needs to be stropped and shave ready.
    I am hoping to find out a little more of the history of these razors. What do you use for disinfecting and cleaning old razors?

  4. Lately, I have been using my own blood:cursing: if the blade is in good shape(no rust,etc.) a dip in alcohol will take care of whatever may remain on the blade. If it hasn't been used for a while, no bacteria or cooties can survive for a long time on a metal surface.
  5. It's worthless. Might as well send it to me to dispose of it. I'll pay the shipping....j/k :biggrin1:

    Looks just like an unknown mfgr blade that I have that I suspect may be a W&B also; it's a good shaver. Is the tip of the blade chipped or is that just the lighting? If no then it looks to be in good condition for it's age. I have no clue on exact date but W&B goes back as far as 1800's, I think :glare:. They are one of the most notorious names in straight razors so I doubt their is much question of quality.

    I'm with you there!. I have a few "manly" lines on my chin from last nights shave.

    I believe on the blade rubbing alcohol is just fine. You might want to put a little oil on it after you do that though.
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  6. Sounds good, I soaked for about a half hour in alcohol and polished it up. I gave it about 10 laps on my strop with compound, and then about 50 laps on my regular strop, good and sharp. I am going to try her out, will let you know how much blood I lose.... LOL
  7. Thank you so much Bigelow Boy for your comments...... No the blade is in perfect condition no chips at all. I did about 10 laps on my strop with compound, then about 50 laps on my regular strop and she is shave ready. Do you have any idea what this razor would be worth to buy? The center of the blade has SPECIAL with a cross at one end and a B at the other, it is not faded at all, one side of the scales has the same, and the tang says Wade and Buttler Shefield England and under that is the same arrow as is on the blade and scales
  8. I shaved with it, only thing I have to compare to is a cheap Golden Dollar straight razor, but man this thing shaves a million times better than the GD. It works good, thanks all for your posts. Again if any one can date this thing or has an idea of what something like this is worth it would be awesome. I am guessing in the $30-$50 range but have not clue.

    Eyre Lane, Sheffield.
    circa 1845 to at least 1919

    If it says Sheffield, England then it is likely post 1891. If it just says Sheffield, but no England likely pre-1891. From your photo, I could not tell, but it does look like early 20th century scales.
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    Are those scales Bakelite? That is a good looking razor.
  11. I think I've got a similar one somewhere in my collection. It's one of the later Wade and Butcher straights. Somewhere between 1910 and 1940 as a guess.
  12. Hi Thank you for your reply, the blade says Sheffield England. This is so interesting talking with you all.
  13. That is so cool, the fun part of collecting things is learning the history behind them. What is really neat with this razor, is the box has a hand written inscription on it. "Give to "Has Person's Name" by "Has Person's Name" Thursday June 16, 1966.

    So whoever owned it looks like on Thursday June 16, 1966 was willing it to another gent
    (The Name are in full on the box) I don't want to post peoples names.
  14. Thanks Brian for your post! I am not new to wet shaving saftey razor wise, but I am very new Straight razor wise, I don't know how to tell if the scales are bakelite. Is there something I could look at to confirm your answer?

  15. That is a beautiful razor. Wade and Butchers are great shavers. I have an early (ca. 1850) W&B "Celebrated" and it provides a really smooth and comfortable shave. You will really enjoy using your W&B.

  16. Thank you for your reply DLBConductor, I used it yesterday, and it was a really good shave. It is a super razor compared to my Golden Dollar. LOL I am not much of a straight razor shaver as opposed to collecting beautiful pieces. I fell in love with this razor as soon as I saw it.

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