Wade and Butcher 7-Day Set

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  1. I've seen pictures, but never in person. Evidently, the blade is not pinned to the handle. Instead, the blades are inserted/connected to the "tang" which then functions as a regular straight razor. So, you end up having one set of scales, and several blades. Kind of like sockets in a socket wrench.

    Does any of that make sense? I just read what I wrote, and it seems clear as mud to me... :001_huh:
  2. That would be a cool set to have though. Don't know if I would pay $500 for it, but it would be cool
  3. Makes total sense. I was checking that out and wondered why this concept did not catch on for the 7-day sets.
  4. I understand, thanks. Have you ever seen a tang like the ones pictured though?
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    you mean a tang where the one handle has several blades for it?

    yeah, theyre fairly uncommon, but they do crop up from time to time. I think theres a thread on SRP about someone who bought one and spent some time sanding them all back to life where he explains just how the whole thing works
  6. Yes, and the part where one's fingers fit, the narrow part of the blade beyond the pivot that usually curves upwards. These are flat and stubby.
  7. I've got a similar set stamped "Gregory" thats dated to the reign of William IV (1830-37). The blades snap in to place with an audible click, held in by a spring loaded catch. Theres a little button on the tang which releases the catch. Very simple mechanism that works quite well, even after 170 years:cool:



  8. Thanks very much indeed for posting your explanation and your pictures! :thumbup1: Now that I see your pictures I understand the item. Very cool indeed.
  9. pal


    You know, that is not a bad idea!
  10. Just curious, but how does that affect the balance of the blade when shaving? Is it noticeable?
  11. They are a little blade-heavy. The blades are a little shorter than average at 2.5-2.75" (they vary), and the scales are significantly shorter (~4"...shorter than a set of DePew scales)...its not that bad really but they're definitely not optimally balanced.

    The nice thing is the set is pretty compact. The whole thing fits in to a case that measures 4.75"x2.75"x1.125" as opposed to most seven day sets which are more like 7"x3"x1.75" if not larger. I've considered using them for travel for that reason...the whole thing fits easily in a dopp kit.
  12. Well if you fly, you'll definitely be needing to check these through - whatever else the set may be, it's certainly not carry-on!

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