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    Why do these command such high prices? What sets them apart from other sheffield razors?
  2. Well - I've only had one and it was in fact quite different than a similar W&B I also used to have. For starters it kept an edge better...
    At the end of the day - I suppose six of one, half dozen of the other.. but there seems to be more W&Bs than Greaves for sale so maybe it's more of a supply/demand thing?
  3. I haven't noticed that they cost more than other English blades. But I don't really care for Sheffield steel, so I haven't really paid too much attention either.
  4. Rsq


    Tey are on the order of 4x the price of a W&B
    But if you search ebay for greaves razor, you never find more than 5-10. Wade & Butcher will yield dozens
  5. I have a couple Greaves I really enjoy. They weren't as mass produced as W&Bs so I'd say they're a little more unique but otherwise both are good razors.
  6. I have a Greaves from early 19th century. It's truly a wedge. Makes my W&Bs seem like full hollow singers in comparison

    Is it a better shaver? Not really. But it is one heavy blade, thats for sure
  7. Here is mine, any Ideas how old it is, online it sounds like 1823-1850, Ive noticed some have a line above and below the manufacturer name but this one does not, any Ideas on the age? $wgreaves&sons.jpg
  8. You can sorta date them by matching what is stamped on the tang to the history listed in the Unicledia or whatever it's called.

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