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  1. This was one of the first blades that I cleaned up, and the second set of scales that I've made. They are Koa wood. Not as east to work with as I had expected. I kind of free handed the shape a little and it shows, but I'm still fairly happy with them. The wedge is made from a Nickel.
    The scales were soaked in melted wax to infuse them.
  2. wooow...im a newb tostr8's n lookin for a good one with a fair price..lemme know!!..this ones purty! ;-)
  3. Whenever able, W&B is what I want. So good looking.
  4. I cannot wait for my W&B to arrive, they clean up so nicely!!
    Great work on this one.
  5. Love the grain of the wood
  6. I love the grain of the wood too. The hardest part was no matter how much I sanded, I just couldn't get it as smooth as I would have liked. Since I didn't coat the scales with anything like CA or poly, the pits in the wood show.
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    W&B's are one of my favorite blades!

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