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Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Newfie, May 2, 2010.

What is your one single favourite blade?

  1. Feather

  2. Derby

  3. Personna Red Pack Israeli

  4. Iridium

  5. Crystal

  6. Astra

  7. Lord

  8. Gillette 7 O'Clock

  9. Shark

  10. Nacet

  11. Merkur

  12. Other (Please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. There are dozens of threads here with various comments and pieces of information all jumbled throughout, and for anyone from Newbies to FOGs alike, it's nearly impossible to keep up with the number of people whi like what and for what reasons.

    I thought it would be nice to have a poll to see exactly what the preferences are throughout all users. Feel free to post as to exactly one particular blade is your favourite. I know some may like Blade X in one razor, Blade Y in another and Blade Z when using creams with the first razor instead of soaps, but we'll keep this as a single favourite.

    So, all that being said, what is your one single top ranked blade (from your experience) and why?
  2. Not sure this poll can answer the question. There are 3 different 7 O'clock blades, 4 different Lord blades, multiple Astra blades, etc., etc. ... :confused1
  3. I voted other because I have used 2 different makes of NOS razor blades that are, in my opinion, incomparable to any blade made today. If I had to choose a modern blade it would be the Red Pack Israeli Personna.
  4. Personna 74, followed by the Wilkinson Light Brigade.

    Current production? Feather and Iridium.
  5. Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Razor Blades; for me now to go blade

    still will try; Iridium Super Extra Stainless DE Blades and Gillette 7 O'Clock Permasharp
  6. Gillette Bleue Extra
  7. Folks, I have to apologize for not realizing there are so many variables to existing blades (post by dwestenk as example). Guess I've trusted by Derbys, Feathers and Red pack Personnas for too long and have ignored the blade options.

    However, I still think it will provide reasonable basic information.
  8. Well, I've seen at least 5 type of 7 o'clock, 3 of Astra etc. Basically this is only a brand poll.
  9. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Red pack Israeli Personna.
    Second spot for Derby Extra.
  10. I chose Super Iridium because I was thinking of one blade brand that I could use successfully with pretty much any razor. But if I was just limited to one razor, I would have chosen Feather (with my Merkur 23C).
  11. Gillette Swede. This could change though as I'm about to get some Personna 74's which are apparently an amazing blade.
  12. I'm liking the KIA, good blade, good price
  13. Jim, is there any way for us to see what constitutes "others"?
  14. Since I use a SE when not a straight my favorite is an SE blade, in particular GEM Stainless PTFE Coated.
  15. "Other" is just one of the choices in the poll. People that select "other" are supposed to reveal what the "other" is by posting it in this thread.
  16. Maybe You mean "KAI"?
  17. you need to add more options for the Gillette 7 O'Clock
    Gillette 7 O'Clock - Permasharp Green - India
    Gillette 7 O'Clock - Super Platinum Black - India
    Gillette 7 O'Clock - Sharp edge Green - Russia
    Gillette 7 O'Clock - Sharp edge yellow - Russia
  18. There is even a 5th variety - Super Platinums made in Russia. Same design as the Indian , but instead of black somewhat blueish. They are sharper than the Indian blades. :thumbup1:

    And there is no such thing as sharpedge green Russia, they are called Super Stainless.
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  19. Don


    Astra Keramik, especially in my Merkur Futur.

    Gillette Swedes.
  20. It has a maximum of 12 choices which is why Dorcos (as example) were left off. I realize now that in order to have everything listed, there would have to be 40 or more choices.

    I will say one of my biggest surprises from the results so far is where the Derby stands. It's my personal favourite and thought there would be more. Feathers are where I expected them to be though.

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