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  1. I have a few of these blades in a blade sample kit a member sent me. The first shave was impressive, close and comfortable. Nothing better than Astra or Med Lab blades I tried. However it seemed that the 2nd shave with the Voskhod was terrible. Tugging, pulling, end result not very good. Possible bad blade? All things were equal between 1st shave and 2nd shave. Same prep, lather, soap, razor etc.
  2. I get three shaves before they go.
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  4. +1... Perhaps OP should try it with a Superspeed.
  5. I don't put them very high in terms of sharpness and smoothness. All depends on your beard. I bought into the initial hype when they first came available en mass 6-10 months ago. In order of sharpness I'd put them below Astra, Labs, and Rapiras. Honestly, I find them to be a tad sharper/smoother than sharks. YMMV though.
  6. These are the best blade I've tried. I can get at least 5 great shaves out of a blade. I barely feel the blade, there's little to no irritation left over, and the results are a BBS nearly every time.
  7. +1 I've gotten 5-6 very good shaves from them. They are among the sharpest and smoothest I've tried. That said, I believe the razor used and the technique are variables to consider when evaluating a blade. Voskhods, Perma-Sharps and Ladas are top-notch blades. I'm getting ready to post a mini-review of various Russian-made blades.
  8. Good point. I use them in my 38M
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    Great blades, I get a week+ out of them. Similar in performance to my Personnas.
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    excellent for me as well,but I rank Ladas as a tad smoother.

  11. For me it depends on the razor. With my 38M, my experience has been they tug a bit more, and they leave my face a bit more irritated. In my Tech, however, they work nearly as well as the Voskhods.
  12. I'm a fan of Voskhods. I use them happily in Slim, Red Tip, Aristocrat, 38C, EJ89, Fat Boy with favorable results. 4-5 shaves have been no problem. I usually toss them after 3 anyway. At $.10 a blade I can afford it. I've found them much better than Personna red and similar to Astra SP.

    Welcome to the land of YMMV. I may change my story tomorrow....
  13. They didn't last long for me as well, In my Fat boy. I would have rated them as okay and not long lasting. I acquired a super adjustable? 1970 black metal handled razor not the plastic one. That razor makes all my favorites sooth shavers feel harsh but its strictly a feeling if that makes sense. I call it the faux harshness because I do not get any irrations or redness. I get really great shaves with it and its my favorite DE, even thought it hasn't been getting any love lately because of being challenged by someone to always use a straight. But, I tired them and several others that were just okay or poor performers for me like the Vos. The harsh feeling that I had with Astra's and my other favorites in the Super adjustable is there except I find they perform better an our lasting on par with my others. I usually swap blades every 3 or 4 th shave anyways. I don't like a truly rough shave and have a tough beard.
  14. 4 shaves easy for voskhods , raspira lux and ladas then I bin them , not because they are spent , just because they are so cheap why push them .
  15. I used my EJ 89l. Threw an Astra in a few days ago...had my 3rd shave on it tonight and had no problems. Will try Voskhod again here shortly after this Astra bites the dust. So far winners in my book (short book) Personna Labs and Astra.
  16. The Rapira Platinum Lux are only slightly more expensive than the Rapira Voskhod and far superior.

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