Voskhod Teflon Coated blades

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  1. Anybody know where to buy them? I had a couple of packs PIF'd to me and I've been loving these things!

    Thanks and happy shaving
  2. Try the store over at The Shave Den.
  3. I appreciate that, looks like they have 5 packs (I don't suppose it'll hurt to ask them if they'll do lots of 100). Seems I found a winner in this blade.

  4. They're my favorite blade. If you can't find them in bulk, a blade that, to me, is quite similar, is the Sputnik. A few of the vendors sell those in 100 packs, but they're $30 or more.
  5. That other forum has done two group buys and passed out thousands upon thousands of them. Post a WTB over there and you might find someone who "overbought" a bit. I got 100 delivered for under $10 and consider them along with Astras I got for the same price to be the two best value blades I've bought.
  6. A good thing to check out over the weekend. Thanks, gents.

    Happy shaving
  7. I participated in "the other shave forum" group buy and bought 200.

    However, I will also say that I've found Ladas (like Vokshods, made by Rapira) to be amost identical in performance to the Voks, and selling at the same 10 cents a blade price.
  8. For me, in my 38M, the Ladas were a clear step below the Voskhods, but when I put them in my Tech, the performed superbly. In the 38M, they're a bit tuggy, but in the Tech they glide very smoothly.
  9. I would definitely consider Rapiras in bulk or Ladas [from shaving.ie]
  10. The Rapira Swedish Super Steel are my favorite blades. I prefer them by a wide margin over other choices.

  11. Don't forget guys, the 2 group buys over there is why the vendors dropped them from their inventory and now refuse to carry them.
  12. Yep... I bought several hundred from Phil @ $8/100 when he decided it was no longer worth carrying them

    They have been a favorite of mine for a long time but they will be hard to find now that most US vendors no longer want to do business with them.
  13. I wondered why I no longer see Voskhods or Rapiras listed with vendors.
  14. "They have been a favorite of mine for a long time but they will be hard to find now that most US vendors no longer want to do business with them."

    That's OK, I'll search "high & low" to get them regardless what the US vendors have decided to do.

  15. I like all the blades from that factory , voskhods ,ladas , and both types rapira
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  16. DaveL

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    I did the same thing.
  17. Update: I sent a message to "the other forum" and they now have lots of 100 in their store for $12.00. A great deal considering the shaves I'm getting from these things!

    Happy shaving
  18. Anyone know where I can get Rapira Platinum Lux blades?
  19. That's a good deal as long as shipping is reasonable huh
  20. I got one of these in the gun today. I did not have a full beard. The shave was good, just not great. Felt it better than an Astra/Derby but not as sharp as Personna's YMMV

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