Visited the new AOS store.

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  1. I took a visit to the new AOS store that opened in town here. I was sort of looking forward to getting a puck of the lemon soap but when I saw that the re-fill puck was $26.00 for 3.4 oz I decided against it. That was the most disappointing part; finding out that the puck was so small. I figured it would be a nice big 5oz puck but when I saw the skinny little puck they offer it really took the wind out of my sails. I just couldn't bring myself to shell out the cash. Maybe I'll change my mind some day and give it a try.

    What do you guys think? Is the soap really worth the money they charge? I was thinking of giving MWF another try. For just a few more bucks I could get a much larger puck of soap and the nifty ceramic dish.
  2. I don't think any soap is worth that much that I think the shave from many' many other soaps is just as good for me. But if you do the math, per shave it's really hot all that expensive. I really enjoy my puck of AoS sandalwood. But maybe I'm influenced by the scent and the fact that I paid stupid money for it!
  3. If you didn't get on the mailing list go back and do so, AOS has 30% to 40% off sales 3-4 times a year.

    That puck will be $16 to $18.

    The balms and gels are 1st rate too, on sale $25

    I stock up:thumbup:
  4. I love the AOS sandlewood but also love the MWF and ceramic dish!! Cant go wrong either way IMO
  5. Dude their stuff is seriously overpriced. Not all, but most.
  6. Sounds like a good time to try out something new. Try Mama Bear's, Mike's Natural, Mystic Water, Queen Charlotte, etc (apologies if I missed someone's favorite) and you can grab the equivalent lemon scent plus another one (or two, or three). Then put that AOS soap on your birthday or Christmas wishlist so you'll only have to worry about the price if you love it and want a refill. :thumbup:

    Although I must admit that Ocean Kelp does smell mighty tempting.
  7. For any topic worth is always highly subjective. The only way to answer your question is to try it out yourself and see. If you read around you'll find mixed opinions on AoS just as you will with any soap (i.e. YMMV). AoS is one of my favorites but whether you'll find it to be one of yours is an entirely different matter.

    ...and overpriced is subjective/YMMV as well.
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  8. I love AOS. Got sucked in with their intro travel pack that was gifted and fortunately got on their mailing list like mhdena suggested. I only buy when it's on sale..IMHO it is a superior product, their Sandalwood line is amazing in my eyes. That said, MWF is my favorite and is a must have. You can't go wrong!
  9. As someone else mentioned, they have sales from time to time and that is a good time to buy. A member is the 3017 thread used a puck every day for about 8 months, so it is a pretty efficient soap.
  10. ackvil

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    Same as me. That discount helps. Plus, it comes around Father's Day and I give some hints to my sons. :laugh:
  11. Disclaimer: I've never used an AOS triple-milled puck.

    That being said, I have a hard time imagining that it could be that much better a performer than Harris's triple-milled options (for about half the AOS's regular price). Though I could be wrong...If I ever find a heavily discounted AOS puck I'd know for sure.
  12. AOS Sandalwood, love the scent, love the performance. Is it worth it? I have other soaps that perform as well. So it comes down to is the scent worth it? To me, yes. I wouldn't pay for the lemon or lavender, though.
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    I used AOS for a couple of years when it first came out and I liked it enough but I wasn't aware of other choices in those days. I bought a puck of Lavender earlier this year when they had a coupon. I was totally underwhelmed by it and traded it away after a few uses. I don't think the performance is in line with the price. I like MWF much better.
  14. Where do you live in WI? I tried their sandalwood cream and it didn't agree with my face. Would like to try a soap, but want to smell the other scents.
  15. The new store is in May Fair mall in Wauwatosa.
  16. Do you have a Sephora in a mall near you? They carry the AoS line.

    For what it's worth, I love the Lavender smell and performance. I am just starting to get good enough to lather soaps consistently, but AoS is the one that tempted me to try soaps again after a failed Conk experience. For that reason, I have been using it as a benchmark. The only other soap I've used is Razorock XXX and I get a slightly (minor difference) less quality lather from it. My next addition is a boar brush that I'm going to try with my creams and new love of soaps to see if I can get the Razorock to equal AoS in performance. Cheers!
  17. Even for that price I think AOS soaps are a great deal. Too bad they are getting harder to come by in Europe.
  18. That's exactly why I'm stocking up before they disappear over here!

    AOS is my favorite soap, Lemon, Lavender and Sandalwood in that order.

    Sephora doesn't carry soap last time I was in there.
  19. l dunno...$7 for a 5-pack of Gillette super platinum blades is a bit excessive. Seems P&G is trying to make up for the lost revenue from cartridges. Can't comment on their soaps/creams.
  20. The Sephora in the mall by my house doesn't carry AOS in the store any more. They did like six months ago and SWMBO picked me up the Sandalwood cream, but now I guess they don't. I will be in Milwaukee in a couple weeks and also in Chicago the first week of August. Gonna blow up Merz Apothecary!

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