Vintage Military Shaving Photos

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  1. As I was looking at old shaving videos, I came across which had several vintage shaving images, including these great photos of servicemen shaving:

    GI shaving in foxhole using helmet as basin (1945)

    Soldier shaving (date & location unknown)

    Fifth Cavalry in camp at Grant Park in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois (1915)

    Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Sergeant George Camblair shaving in the morning at the camp. (1942)

    Sergeant Crowley holding a mirror and shaving, kneeling in a field (1927)

    GI shaving in the shell-blasted church at Pietra Colora (1945)

    Recruit lathering his face with a shaving brush in front of a makeshift vanity at the military school at Fort Sheridan, Illinois (1915)

    Recruit shaving at a makeshift vanity at the military camp at Fort Sheridan, Illinois] (1915)

    Italian boys watching a GI getting a shave (1945)
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    Great find. Got any more?
  3. You bet. I've posted them in a new thread.
  4. These photos are excellent. Do you collect vintage shaving pics of is this the beginning of a new obsession?
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    What better what to "decorate" a shave den"? Great photos, and thanks for sharing.

  6. The latter. It is quite facinating to see thes old photos.
  7. That's a great idea. Some of these photos at are provided in large format so they could eaily be printed on photo paper and framed.
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    Those pictures brought back memories for me!

    When I was in the Army, we were all issued a "steel pot"- much better for keeping your water hot than the current kevlar helmets of today.

    Plus, shaving was a must- no way to escape the effects of 'gas' w/o having a tight seal-which u could not have unless your face was BBS.

  10. Could you please direct us to the new thread? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for this post, I love it.
  12. I'm a part of this
  13. These pics are amazingly cool.

    Thanks for sharing. If you have more; keep them coming :001_smile


  14. Very cool pics :badger:
  15. Would that make this razor an old Ranger Tech? Not many others had the open end back then did they?

  16. Thank you for the pictures.

    My father served in WWII in England, North Africa, Sicily, and France. I remember him telling me once about having to use their helmets to crack the ice that had formed on the water barrels so they could shave. Ouch! I don't recall where this was but, apparently, they didn't have hot towels there either.
  17. It's an interesting juxtaposition in some of those pictures, for example, the chaos of the bombed out church to the simple, peaceful shaving.
  18. Go to that link and use the search term shave. You'll get well over 500 items to check out.
  19. There's a part in Band of Brothers where one of the officers is trying to generate lather with ice water:eek:. Thanks to all our military personnel for your sacrifices (even the shaving ones) and service to this great nation. Cool pics by the way.
  20. These are awesome pictures, Boy do I remember when.......

    Thanks for sharing these with all of us....

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