Vintage AVON bottles: Shaving & Americana

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by TheVez2, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I just completed my initial collection of vintage Avon bottles. All of these are NOS, were all still in their boxes and full of product. I got all these with the intention of using them as a display in my new shave den after I move.

    First up are my Shaving bottles:
    The Barber Pole contains Avon Protein Hair/Scalp Conditioner.
    The Super Shaver (DE razor) contains Spicy AS
    The Barbershop Brush contains Tai Winds Cologne

    Anyone know of any other shaving related bottles that I should add to the collection?

    Next up is the Americana collection:
    The Side Wheeler (Natchez Steam Boat) contains Spicy AS
    The George Washington contains Tribute AS
    The Abraham Lincoln contains Wild Country AS
    The American Eagle contains Windjammer AS

    My favorite is the Side Wheeler. I grew up in a small town in Michigan that had a riverboat like that. I also remember my grandmother having that exact bottle in her bathroom. They had lots of those avon bottles on display.

    I've seen a Betsy Ross bottle, there is also the Washington and Lincoln head bottles. Anyone know of any other ones out there?
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  2. love those barber/shaving bottles.

    I hope you plan to use the stuff!
  3. TheVez2

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    Yes, I will use them, absolutely. Not sure about the hair conditioner though.
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  4. There were some shaving mugs with plastic bottles of AS. I have one, not sure what is in it since the label has long since gone.
  5. I love that DE bottle!
  6. I found an Avon Iron Horse Shaving Mug recently. It came with Avon Deep Woods Aftershave. I am not a huge fan of the aftershave at all, but mostly bought the set for the shaving mug with a train picture on it (trains being one of my other interests). :tongue_sm
  7. Nice bottles, now I have to keep telling myself that I don't NEED any more aftershave!
  8. White glass? That's the one I have. I never could find the AS name on the mug or the plastic bottle, and I never have opened it, either. I have a red lantern with Deep Woods (both of these remain as decorations, and see no use), and don't like the DW as much as Wild Country or Spicy.
  9. Yes, it is a white glass mug with a picture of a steam locomotive on it. It was NOS at a local pawn shop for $2. I also got the George Washington head filled with Wild Country.

    Maybe the AS has turned, but I didn't find either one to be all that pleasant. The Wild Country smelled quite a bit different than the current product (which I think smells very similar (although not identical) to Clubman.)
  10. Yep, that's it. I did have two, but the wife made me get rid of one. It's only decoration anyhow, and sits near my retired OS mug.

    Being in a plastic container, it could be possible the AS turned. And I do agree with you about the vintage WC. It definitely has a Clubman connection, made a bit woodsy, but still very similar, yet a lot different from the current. I have a bottle of the WC cologne, as well as the WC AS. I made the mistake once of using the cologne as AS, I was strong enough that I could be smelled two cities over. :lol:
  11. I have the avon shaving brush bottle - got it at an antique store for 50 cents. It was empty but looks great on my display shelf :thumbup:

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