Village Barber, Jenulence and Vita-Myr new at West Coast Shaving

Discussion in 'West Coast Shaving' started by letterk, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Three great new brands were added to our store recently. Products sure get added faster now that it's not dependant on me (staff trained and new photographer)!

    These are brands you may not know, but really have some superb products.

    Village Barber was created by Iain Kane, master barber in the UK. These are 100% natural shaving oil and aftershave balm. Early feedback is that these are top-notch products.

    Vita-myr is a great brand bringing all natural and healthy ingredients to oral care. Their mouthwash and toothpaste is very different than what you may be familiar with, but they were an instant hit in our home.

    Jenulence may seem like an odd product for a shaving site, seeing as it's for beard care. However, we find there is a surprisingly high number of men interested in wet shaving that have beards or occasionally have one during parts of the year. My father-in-law sports a beard and gives these two products a thumbs up.

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