VETERANS: help! Looking for military immunization records

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  1. I need to find some sort of documentation...any documentation re: immunization records in order to enter nursing school.

    My old school district turned up zilch. They suggested county records (I live 700 miles from where I grew up).

    At present, the only military document I have from my enlistment, which ended in 1985,is my DD214. (I am not a military retiree)

    Is there any way to access my military records online...hopefully for free?
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  2. back in the day.. they gave us a yellow WHO little booklet it looked like an old school bank book that had all our 'shots' recorded in it. I still have it.
  3. Blue Raccoon:
    + 1 and I have mine too (and they are still like 99% pure gold & of the utmost importance),...because it was just one other way I could prove that I received experimental/instrumental and potentially dangerous vaccines such as pyridostigmine bromide pills (to protect against nerve gas), and drugs prior to deployment to Saudi in 1991, prior to deployment to Bosina and Kosovo and six (6) experimental vaccines of Anthrax and a ‘booster’ vaccine of Smallpox prior to deployment to Afghanistan...which the VA stated (and rated as one of my Service-connected disibilities), as a contributing factors in my unfortunate contraction of MS. :frown1:

    Christopher :a16:
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  4. A few days before I retired, I stood at the copier and copied my entire military health record. That was quite a few years ago, however, so I am only assuming there are still hard copy health jackets for service members.

    But whether paper or electronic, I would contact the medical department at your last duty station and see where your record is being kept. All your immunizations SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ENTRY MADE when you received them. I would start there and see how lucky you get. You may find it, and after furnishing proper identification possibly have scans of the immunization entries sent to you.
  5. My last duty station is nearly 3,000 miles away. I was discharged in 1985. No WHO booklet.
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  7. When I was discharged back in 1970, I was given lots of paperwork from my 4 years in service. My shot record was included, and I have it around somewhere.
  8. I still have my WHO booklet. As an Army Brat, I grew up with it. And I've learned that it is completely foreign to civilian doctors.
  9. Need to use a Form 180: Not sure how reliable it is going back to `85 and I wonder how many of the vaccines are still good -- hepatitis vaccines weren't given then, smallpox needs a booster by now, ... you may have to get updated vaccines anyway.
  10. what vacines are they requiring for nursing school?
  11. That's a good question. The answer is: I don't know, because the person who knows is away doing clinicals with other students.

    I know for sure I'll have to get these:

    tetanus booster
    Hep test
    TB test

    I may have to show proof of having gotten immunized for:

  12. You'll have to get those for sure. Dtap is good for 10 years, Hep B you get the series once and then if you have an exposure they draw your titer to see if you need a booster. Tb test is a yearly requirement.
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    When I was on active duty ('92-'96) my shot record was the aforementioned yellow WHO booklet that was kept on file as part of my deployment package. When you went to get immunized for something you took it with you and they made the notes directly in the booklet and nowhere else as far as I know. If you lost your shot record you were completely screwed & had to go through all of it again.

    I think that it was included with the paperwork I was given when I was discharged, but I can't swear to it. I don't know if there was a copy made and kept on file.
  14. Now a days it's all on electrons and the service member can access it anywhere via AKO or their services equivalent portal. The service member is supposed to keep track of the yellow shot record because they may need it at some point.
  15. I still have my old DoD shot record, showed it to my doc the other day to see what I needed.
    I also still have my old draft card (you were supposed to carry them until 35 back then).

  16. the TB test is yearly
    HEP test was yearly (at the hosp system I worked for)
    tetanus is every 10 years.

    MMR and Polio you should have had long before the military. they are required to attend public school.
  17. I wasn't implying you needed to travel there.:biggrin1:
  18. Actually you need to walk there and get it and stop at every barbershop on the way and write a review :biggrin1:

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