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Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by Pkrankow, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I have my garden half planted, it feels like such a late start with how the weather has been, even though the "almost no chance of frost" date is in about 2 weeks.

    So far I have 10 tomato plants, 3 rows of carrots, and half a garden left to dig. I plan "pickle" cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and summer squash for the other half.

    What are you planning on planting? When you have a result pictures are welcome. Expanses of dirt are welcome too.

  2. First I dug out a great big trench of old depleted soil from my garden area, then filled it in with a mixture of homemade compost (vegetable peels, cores, old bananas, leaves, pine needles, old leaves, lawn clippings, coffee grounds, and tea leaves all from the last year) and new topsoil. I also put out a beer trap to get rid of snails and slugs.
    Then I planted 4 lettuce plants, orange bell peppers, something called a gypsy pepper, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, and 2 strawberry plants. So far everything has been thriving, and growing at a pace not yet seen in this garden. I can't wait to see these in a month!
  3. I have to agree with you on the weather. I've planted several herbs (savory, sage, thyme, dill, coriander, basil), red leaf lettuce, borage, and agastache from seeds. While the first 3 weeks were filled with sunshine and warm weather, the last two weeks have been harsh. I've lost most of my savory and thyme seedlings and my cucumber bush decimated, but everything plus the new strawberry plants are doing well. Other goodies (Silvery Fir Tree and Sun Gold Tomatoes, Purple beauty and red rocket peppers, and oregano) will be making their way into the garden as well. The cold rainy weather has also taken it's toll on my vermi-composting bin. It would be a pleasure to post pictures once everything is alive and producing. Best of luck to you and your gardens.
  4. Alacrity59

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    Sage and chives have come back strong. Sadly a rhubarb plant that had done well for the last five years did not. I've been working my way through our flower beds, what was mulch has broken down into soil. Tomorrow is garden expansion day . . . for a dedicated veg garden. I do mine by getting down a good foot or so with the sod turned over at the bottom. I'll work in a fair bit of peat moss and empty my compost bin. Not much can go in before May 24 where I am.
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    my son and i planted our "garden" for this year...6 tomato plants that will be culled to 2 plants, and 3 pepper plants that will be culled to 1 plant...just enough to give us some to cook with
  6. I finished planting today, 3 rows of sugar snap peas, 1/2 row of okra, one mound of cucumbers with 8 seeds, and 1 mound of summer squash with 8 seeds. I also put some decorative sunflowers in along the fence since my wife asked.

    Add to this the 3 row of carrots and 10 tomato plants, I have a fairly decent size garden.

    I am trying something different with the squash and cucumber, I am using tomato cage to train them on so they do not take up the same amount of ground space. Last year one did this by itself on the fence, and was rather productive.

    I also got the deer and rabbit fence installed.

    I was most amused since I found a fugitive hosta left in the garden, doing OK though stunted from full sun, The dirt had been turned and everything! I moved all my landscaping into the garden for foundation work last fall, and moved what I though was all of them out a couple weeks ago.

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    Well I got the heavy part of the work done. Got the sod buried a good 20 inches down where it can rot. Next step is to get a good load of peat in and maybe a few bags of moo poo. (It is a brand of non smelly composted cow manure where I live).

  8. Nice dirt! :w00t:

    I should have looked into enriching my dirt this year, but just added crushed lump charcoal to part of it. Maybe in the fall.

    How did you go about getting it 20 inches down? Dig a hole then start to tunnel?

  9. I just got the garden finished this weekend. My areas soil is mostly clay, so I built up 4 2x6 beds. I filled the beds with some topsoil, and mixed in a lot of mushroom compost.

    My mother in law lives in a slightly warmer area than us, so she shared a bunch of plants she had started. We have about 8 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 6 cardoons, 8 lima beans, watermelon, sunflowers, and about 10 nasturtium scattered throughout.

    I also have a few potted plants. 2 blueberry bushes, mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil.
  10. Just tilled yesterday. Planting today. Up here in the north, like Altracity, I've learned to wait. The nice weather we had would've burned me if I had planted a few weeks ago.

    Altracity, you and I are at about the same longitude (Portland Maine). My Rhubarb is busting out. Probably ready to harvest some in the next few weeks.
  11. Tomatoes (11 Celebrity, 6 Roma) and two rows of green beans are planted. I'll put in four more rows of green beans, but I stagger them by two weeks so all my beans don't come in at the same time.

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