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  1. Hiya! I was searching amazon for a shavette and was looking at Parker shavettes, what is the difference between the sr1, sr2, and the srw? I'm just looking for a new razer as I got a merkur 38c and the long handle #180 and these Parker's look interesting.
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  3. Parker was my first straight. Shaves excellent, but beware, using a conventional blade makes it very sharp. A very low angle is suggested starting out, or it might hurt ya. IMHO
    My Parker must have been a dud, or a missed quality control, cause shortly after I got it, the scales starting cracking. I think it may have to do with the way the two halfs of the scales are welded together.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the shave, and I have not seen any other complaints like mine.
    Anyway I googled around and found the "Blackbeards Revenge" shavette. It is almost identical to the Parker, with a slighly longer handle, plus the 2 halfs of the scales are riveted together, instead of plastic weld (like the Parker).
    My suggestion is to look at the Bluebeard (about the same $$$ as the Parker) or, as Kent mentions a vintage Weck is more approximate to a traditional straight.

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  4. I have a parkershavette I have the R31 (stainless steel), and Im starting to hate it. Why? Because it's way too light. I have two of them and I'm not really satisfied about the quality. Soon I will buy a Dovo straight, if I have the straight razor I will never ever again use this shavette. If I where you I would get a real straight razor.

    The anwser on your question: they're the same but the handle is different.
  5. I have all of the Parker's, and I find that my favorite of them is the SRW. Its just a bit smaller, and I find the head to be really thin which makes it easier to get at some of the harder to shave parts of my face. When I use a Parker its almost always the SRW.
  6. Interesting.......I only have the sr1 but I think its fantastic. I've never heard of bluebeards revenge but it looks cool and i like pirates. How does the Bluebeard perform? I found and ordered the gift set on eBay as it was very cheap and thought why not? Is it of good quality and would at least not rust or fall apart after a years use?
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  7. The Bluebeard shaves about the same as the Parker, and seems to be a bit better, quality wise, but don't expect too much for less than $20 bucks. I have not had it long enough to know whether it will rust or not...
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  8. The SR1 and SR2 shavettes have plastic handles (similar to what you might find on a regular straight), where the SRW has stainless handles. The SRW is *slightly* heavier than the plastic handles. I've seen several Parker shavettes where the owners have re-scaled them and made them look rather handsome. They're not a bad start into the world of straight shaving, but I'd recommend a real straight over shavettes if you can swing it. The shavettes do a good job, but they're not as comfortable a shave as a regular straight IMHO.
  9. I've been shaving my mug with a shavette these past 9 months and getting ready to finally head back stateside to my usual collection of merkurs and I have gotten pretty good with my Parker. I get a smooth wife worthy shave so i see no need to change to a full on straight. I just want to know more about these Bluebeard shavettes as I can't find any information or many reviews of them.
  10. Is this a new definition of shave quality - SWW? Does that fall above or below DFS in the hierarchy?

    Also - I have to ask... is that "smooth, wife-worthy shave", or "smooth-wife worthy shave"?
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    Here are the Parker Variants. They are all about the same, functionally. The differences are in the handle material and as a result, the weight, balance, and feel of the razor. After a lot of research, I went with the SRB.

    Parker 31R (SR1) - Stainless steel (hollow) scales
    Parker 32R (SR2) - "Chrome Effect" (chromed plastic) scales (Discontinued by Parker)
    Parker 33R (SRB) - Black plastic scales
    Parker 34R (SRW) - White plastic scales (One pin)
  12. That would be smooth, wife-worthy as my wife hates cuddling if I haven't shaved because it feels like sandpaper......and its right above bbs. Cheeks, chin, and jaw are bbs with minimum stubble on neck. Basicly smooth wherever she rubs her face against mine :)
  13. I didn't realize the Parkers were made in India! Are the SR1s made there too? I'll have to add a few to the list of things mom needs to bring back from Mumbai next month. :)
  14. I was showing mine to my friend who is from India,and he informs me that even though it says made in India on them, they are really made in Pakistan.
  15. That's interesting--I still don't mind one if they're cheap in India and readily available. I'll have mom ask her friends for some help with the shaving gear. Fortunately I still have a few months to collate a list of goodies I'd like her to pick up. :)
  16. I have been pondering my Bluebeard a little more. I don't have a digital scale, but it is quite obvious that the Bluebeard is closer to a traditional than the Parker. Not only are the scales a bit longer, but the blade is also wider. So I would assume it has more heft than the Parker.
    Excuse the poor photo, I didn't feel like messing with my ring flash...
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    The Bluebeards razor is a rebranded Sanguine Razor.
  18. thanks for the update, I did not know that.

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