Vancouver Canucks FANS?

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse' started by n3gkiwi, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Any Canucks fans? I'm mourning Hodgson :crying:
  2. Lost all respect for Hockey when they went on strike... started to gain some back but then they went on strike again... Will still cheer for the nucks in the playoffs, but even thats getting hard when every time they make the finals the city become f#(*%& retarded...
  3. I'm a Sabres fan and I think it's probably a good trade for both sides. Kassian showed flashes earlier this year of being a great power forward, but it seemed like he had a hard time staying motivated. We really needed a quality center, so I'm pretty happy to get Hodgson back.
  4. I default to Canucks fan when the Flames are out / didn't make it to playoffs lol.

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