Valobra Menthol question.

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by brothers, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. May I ask, does anyone here use Valobra Menthol Soap? I've heard that its performance is of a level comparable to Cella, but I don't want another almond. I'm looking for a menthol that's not as strong as Proraso (eucalyptus, etc.,). Are there any reviews that you're aware of?
  2. I've heard that the menthol is pretty subtle in Valobra Menthol soft shaving soap, but I've not tried it.

    I've only got the Almond Valobra and so far I've only gotten mediocre shaves from it compared to other soaps I've used. I'll have to give it a couple more chances. Any tips on this stuff? Last time I used it I got gobs of thick lather but it didn't seem very protective. It was also pretty hard to paint the lather on my face after working it up in my mug. It seemed so slick that it kind of moved around (while painting it on, not by itself!) leaving bare/thin spots on my face with big clumps of lather in other spots.

    Maybe I need to change up the water / soap ratio or how long I whip it for? Thoughts? Please note I do not face lather b/c I have sensitive skin and make myself ripe for breakouts. Anything that causes more friction on my skin than necessary tends to cause breakouts.
  3. The Valobra menthol is so subtle as to be non existent. I heard the Valobra shave sticks are best.
    The soap I won't buy it again.
  4. I don't notice any cooling effect from Valobra Menthol. It's an interesting smell, and a nice changeup if you prefer soft soaps, like I do.

    That said, I get consistenly, MUCH better shaves with Cella and P.160 than I do with either Valobra soft soap. I haven't tried their stick.

    To the poster with lathering problems:

    1. Are you trying to cut a chuck out and lather it like a cream? If so, I find this is the worst method for these types of soft soap.

    2. Also, I get MUCH better results with face lathering.

    3. I treat it like a hard soap. At least a tablespoon of water on the soap while I shower. Shake the brush all the way out. Fill the brush as much as possible with the soap. Grind that sucker in there. Keep your face dripping wet before you start building the lather on your face. You should be able to get an even, protective lather with this method. If not, you might have funny water too?
  5. I agree with the menthol content not being enough to produce a cooling effect. I think it's there just to give a bit of life to the scent.
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    It was a long time ago when I had the Valobra menthol. I though it was as strong, if not more, than Proraso. It was good, though; I used it all up.

    I've found this cream to be very subtle. It really seems to have more of a minty quality to it. It's nothing like Proraso. Great shaves, too.

  7. If you'd like to 'boost' the menthol content of shaving cream, I've read that menthol crystals, available on the internet at a small cost, is the way to go.
  8. weird... the valobra menthol i got in today has a noticeable cooling effect on my face. its not as crazy as proraso but it is definitely there.

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