USPS Delivery Confirmation/Need I be home?

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  1. Hi all. I'm expecting a first class mail package that is being delivered with delivery confirmation. It contains precious shave gear that will likely show up Thursday or Friday. Normally the mail carrier leaved my priority mail packages at the door. Will they do the same for a first class package with delivery confirmation service or will I need to be home to receive the package? USPS's website is of course worthless for answering this question.
  2. If you are not there when they show up,they will leave a notice for you to pick up your package at your local post office.:thumbup:
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    Is it something that requires a signature? Or is it just standard delivery confirmation the shipper put on it to track the delivery? If you have to sign for it they will leave a not. If it just standard delivery confirmation they will leave the package.
  4. I always leave a note on my door asking them to leave the package on the doorstep. Not entirely certain about delivery confirmation, but if you sign the bottom of the note, I imagine it is sufficient. Nothing huge or anything so that someone else can see it from a mile away, just a small note for the driver. That way you can get your shave gear without having to worry about picking it up/being late/waiting until the next week to receive it...
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    Most likely you need not be there, unless the sender specified signature required.
  6. It doesn't require a signature, it's just standard delivery confirmation service. Thanks for the replies gents.
  7. No Sig, No presence Required
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    I have a note at my doorbell for USPS, UPS and FedEx to leave packages at the coffee shop next door if they don't get an answer. USPS is so used to me not being there, they just leave it at the shop.
  9. Delivery confirmation requires the letter carrier to scan the barcode as they drop it in your mail box. No signature required.
  10. They just slide it in the mail box after scanning it .
  11. It came today. They left it in my mailbox. :thumbup:

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