Using two blades at once?

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  1. I did a quick search but couldnt hit on the right key words for this question. My experience getting the Schick Platinum Plus blades unstuck made me wonder what would happen if two were stuck together and inserted into the razor? I am guessing lots of cuts?
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  3. I suspect you would immediately know something was wrong when it felt like you were shaving with a kitchen knife.

  4. It is generally considered to be a waste of a blade. I tried it a couple of times with different razors (Tech and Slim). I could not feel any discernible difference in the roughness of the shave or the closeness of the shave resulting from using the two blades vs one blade.
  5. Actually, I think you'd have to shave painfully slowly, because of the close spacing between blades. Which would increase the PPUS (Pain per Unit Shave) factor.

    I hadn't seen this article before, and love it. It appeared in an applied math teaching publication, but it's worthy of submission to JIR (Journal of Irreproducible Results). Serious analysis combined with humor and silliness.

    They come up with an optimal velocity of 0.036 m/s, which is about 1.4 inch/sec, but freely admit they were more or less guessing at some of the skin elasticity factors. Their range of typical user velocities is 0.8-8.0 inch/sec, but mine is about 1.5-3.0 - apparently erring faster is better, which I can believe.

    Now the real and larger question is whether the "hysteresis effect" actually works in the real world, with all the added complexities they recognize. This has motivated me to dig out one of my cartridge razors and give this a trial with my improved skills. See new thread on the General Shaving forum.

    Thanks Steve!
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  6. Stunt Shaving! Don't try this at home!
    Good post, I got a giggle out of the idea of it!
  7. The correct keyword search is "why?":lol:
  8. I have never tried it but, for some reason, it sounds very painful to me. :)
  9. kudadi"
    Yikes...don't do it Man...or there will be blood. :yikes:

    [​IMG] “A razor [blade] can’t be sharpened on a piece of velvet”. Author Unknown
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  10. Someone starts a thread about once a year that starts out "I couldn't figure out why my normal routine tore my face to shreds" and ends ".... then I realized that two blades had got stuck together in the dispenser."
  11. It's all about sharpness, you want your edge to be thinnest as possible to cut through the whiskers. If you stuck 2 edges together, the 'Edge' will be thicker and whiskers will give you more resistance.
  12. I'm with Gillette, I'm taking 5 blades at once!! Look how improved and scientific I am now!! ;)
  13. You would want to shim them apart so both blades would get a chance to cut.

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