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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by jtb, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. jtb


    So, been doing this for about 18+ months now with good results. But this morning was exceptionally good. Same routine as I mostly use.

    Wash face
    face lather (this morning was tabac)
    Shave, 3 passes

    Hardware: Progress, new Prosonna Lab blade, Duke 2.

    Nothing special.

    But to my suprise, I got one of the best shaves I've ever had.

    Just wondering, has the unexpected exceptional shave happened to you guys when you least expect it?
  2. It has happened to me quite a few times. As I recall it was when I did not put much thought in the products that I was using during the shave. Go Figure!! :lol:
  3. noahpictures

    noahpictures Contributor

    Yep. Maybe once or twice a year the stars align (healthy, well healed skin, perfect prep, technique, gear...) and I get an exceptional shave. How exceptional? I was DFS 24 hours later!
  4. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    This is what happens when your shaving technique really improves becoming solid and effective. I've been doing this for +17 years now.
  5. Yeah this does seem to happen every so often. Kind of like when that elusive BBS makes itself known.
  6. Yes. Sometimes it happens when I am NOT trying for the closest shave. Weird.
  7. I don't think it's weird at all. In fact, it kind of makes sense.

    Shaving is a complex motor process. Humans accomplish complex motor processes best when they are not consciously thinking about HOW to accomplish the process. So, maybe when you're not trying, your muscle memory and instincts take over, and you get a better shave.
  8. Very true. Sometimes when I find myself over thinking the whole thing, I just have to stop and say "enjoy the shave" and let it happen naturally.
  9. Here's an ironic post...yesterday I EXPECTED a great shave and got one of the worse shaves ever.
  10. I think your hardware maybe to "blame". Since getting a Futur, which I understand shaves very similar to the Progress, I have had excellent shaves.
  11. It is always an unexpected and wonderful surprise. Seems impossible to achieve on purpose for some reason. Congratulations!

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