Um, newbie got rust on the straight

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  1. A few hours ago, I posted in the journal section an entry about my first straight shave. I don't see it posted, but hope it's somewhere.

    Anyway, what I left off was I was afraid to put the razor near a towel and ruin the blade.


    Water dried on it, and now there's rust. After one use. On a brand new straight.

    Is there a way to remove it? Or must I hone already? Rust is not near the edge.


    ps: I'm really good at using a DE and SE. Really. No, seriously.
  2. Post up some pics. I doubt it is too much of a problem from just a day or two on a brand new razor. I'm no expert, but I'm guessing a little polish and elbow grease will take it right off. Let's see what the experts do say, though.
  3. always dry it when done using it.
    use some 1k grit sand paper, or just buff it out if you have the tools.
  4. I would start higher than 1k grit. Go as high as you can and work lower if you have to. I would start with maas or mother's mag and aluminum polish, if that doesn't work go to 2500 grit sandpaper, and so on gradually stepping it down, but then working you're way back up. Pics would help.
  5. true,, may not need paper at all... go with a cleaner.
  6. cleaner 1st if it doesn't work, maas or autosol, next 0000 steel wool w/ oil, high grit sandpaper 1500 or up, then move down till u get it gone. always use the least damaging substance that will do the job.or oil it up and send it 2 me and i will give it a go 4 u, postage both ways is on u. BOL tom
  7. Legion

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    This. Use the least abrasive first and work backwards.

    For the record. Dry you razor. Then dry it again. Then take little squares of toilet paper and dry it a third time around the pins and inside the scales. Your razor can never be dried too much.
  8. I would try Maas or autosol first, 1 day old rust should come off. Second get the sleeves from TSS, I have kept my razors in those for the past 6 months and have never gotten a spot of rust.

    Please post pics of the "damage"
  9. Wid


    Try some toothpaste first.
  10. You should be able to get it off with some light metal polish.

    Always be sure to dry your razor, even more so if you have a water softener. Try to get everywhere the smallest water spot may have gotten.
  11. Pictures
  12. mdunn

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    Yah, sandpaper is a horrible idea. Polish should take care of it no problem

    (just be careful not to touch the edge!!)
  13. Krodor

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    I find crazy hot water as final rinse to do well. Heats up the razor so it dries itself after you dry it off by hand.
  14. Rub with a clean dry cloth, if this doesn't do it, try a small amount of metal polish. If it's not near the edge, no need to rehone.
  15. Is it just me, or do others never ever get water anywhere near the pivot, usually never into the shoulder area? I rinse the shaving cream off with the razor tilted down into the sink. Afer the shave is complete, I wipe both sides with a towel, razor edge up, then strop.
  16. I'm always surprised to see these threads with no one asking if it's simply oxidization or rust. I'm assuming it's just a bit of oxidization on the steel, considering it happened immediately?

    Am I crazy or uninformed for not being worried about oxidization on the blade? My favorite knives have a thick patina, and just got a great shave from a razor that is more black than shiny.
  17. That is why I asked for pics, but you are absolutely correct. I would think something that popped up so quickly is more likely rust than patina.
  18. Personally, I just trusted that the OP knows the difference between rust and other forms of oxidation (rust is oxidation).
  19. Stay away from any sandpaper, go with polish or toothpaste - much safer on a new blade. You may want to coat the blade with some light oil (I use baby oil) after each use...has kept the staining away on my straights, but YMMV. Also keep ur straight out of the bathroom, way too humid of an environment.
  20. noahpictures

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    Polishing compounds such as Blue Magic, Maas, Turtle Wax should remove it.

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