Ugly Frankenrazor . . . Beautiful Shave!!

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  1. Hey guys!

    Last week I was reading a couple different threads in which the Gillette "New" was getting rave reviews. It had been quite a while since I shaved with a New, as I had sold the one that I had in my den.

    About the same time, I received a New razor and silver case that I "won" on eBay for a cheap opening bid. I bid primarily for the case and figured I would toss the razor in the junk drawer! The razor is the ugliest thing I ever saw. No gold plate left on the cap or guard teeth at all - worn down to the copper primer plate and aged to a chocolate brown patina. There is a little gold left on the underside of the guard plate, and a very little on the collar of the handle. The handle was cracked (now why would that be a surprise . . . the seller didn't mention that) and comes apart into three pieces . . . completely unshavable!!

    Of course, my curiosity regarding the New's shave was raging from last week's posts, so I did the only thing that seemed appropriate . . . I grabbed an old nickel Tech fat handle from the junk drawer and built myself a genuine Frankenrazor!

    For my Sunday morning shave, I loaded "Frankie" up with a nice fresh blade and proceeded to enjoy a DFS! I used my normal routine of a two-passes with a couple of touch-up spots under my chin. But, I really didn't appreciate how fine that shave was until this morning . . . my face was still smooth from yesterday's shave!!

    I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get the water hot . . . today's result was BBS!!! I've got a new "favorite razor" . . . and she's ugly as sin!!

    I guess it is true - ugly girls are the best kissers!

    I suppose I should get the head re-plated and buy a nice handle from Bob - This beast deserves to live!

  2. I'm in the process of replating and purchasing a handle from Bob right now!

    NEWs are great shavers.
  3. JPM


    Congrats! Maybe you should close your eyes when you're kissing her.:biggrin1:
  4. But not while shaving. She'll bite. :biggrin1:
  5. For the record, the stock handle can be quick repaired with a bot of epoxy, or silver soldered and replated if you've a mind. Then again, you're getting great results with the fat Tech handle. You may not like the other combination as much!
  6. I was thinking about silver soldering the original handle and trying it out to see if it shaves as nicely. I grabbed the Tech handle 'cause it was there . . . and ugly, too!!

    I do like the feel of a fatter handle . . . and this combination feels fairly well balanced in my hand.
  7. Personally, I love the way the copper base metal looks on these razors. I bought two plating-poor (formerly) gold razors specifically for that reason. Cheaper by far and better looking than gold, IMHO.

    It can be tricky to keep the green patina from building up if you use them often, though.
  8. The handle off the Tech Fattie gets no respect!!

    I am not sure why so many people feel uncomfortable switching handles around. It is not a sin! You take a great head like the New and put on a great handle - the Tech Fattie. Now you have a great razor!!:001_tt1:

    Viva la Fattie Handle!! Give it a try on YOUR favorite 3 Piece!

    (I am afraid I have numerous FrankenFatties!!!) AND PROUD OF IT! :thumbup1:
  9. I have been using the Old Type Frankenrazor on the left in this photo.
    GREAT shaver and heavy enough to do combat with :thumbup1:

  10. I recently saw a razor at a local antique shop with the same kind of handle as your Old Type Frankenrazor on the left.

    Any idea what version of Gillette razor this might be?

  11. The head is one of the 20's models Gillette Old Types with no serial number and the thick cap (post 1921?) but the handle I have no idea, wish I had a clue what it came off of. I showed the razor to Achim and he said it was definately not a Gillette handle. It is a great combo though and though the handle is from parts unknown I think it is as fine a lookin' razor as Gillette or anyone else ever made :thumbup1:
  12. Hey! Is that one you got from me?
  13. It IS :wink2: Probably the best shaving razor I have ever put to my skin!
    Where did you get it, Nirvana? :thumbup1:
  14. Probably off of eBay. When I first got interested in DE shaving about a year ago I went through a real flurry of razor buying. I had to keep a list of what was paid for and check them off as they were delivered so as not to lose track!

    Anyway, when I decided I preferred SEs (i.e. GEM) razors I sold off most of my DEs. Glad it went to someone who can appreciate it. It deserves respect!

    (Actually, all of those look familiar! Is that a Henkles in the middle and a Rotbart on the right? Or do I have that reversed?)
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