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    Anderson Silva.....



    How many of you guys saw his demolition of Forrest Griffin?
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  2. forrest griffith got embarassed. that wasnt even a hard shot he took but he laid down like he had just got punched by brock lesnar or something.

    not that silva wasnt good...but that was just pathetic.

    BJ Penn however...looked really good against KenFlo.
  3. Agreed. I didn't forsee Griffith going down like that.
  4. Forrest Griffin didn't "dive," he was hurt earlier by Silva's punches, and you could tell since he was wobbly. But man, Anderson Silva shut everyone up.

    I want to see Anderson Silva vs Rampage, or rather Lyoto Machida.

    Or best of all...

    Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre at 185! Dan Henderson wanted a title shot on Anderson, but after he just rocked Griffin I doubt anyone in the Middleweight division can take the Spiderman.
  5. [​IMG]

    don't be fooled, that was a hard punch. Look at how it rattled his head. The most dangerous punch is one you don't see coming/expect. Forest ran head first into it as silva planted himself.

    For forest to throw his hands up like that, something was seriously wrong, hes a tough dude. Perhaps a broken cheek or orbital bone.

    I love how every show, joe rogan knocks on the pride fighters, and every show hes shut up by Anderson Silva.

    I thought the pen fight was mediocre at best, and to be honest, i'm not a pen fan, this is one of the few fights he showed up in shape for, and still spent alot of time getting man handled. Points to kenny for the effort, but he just doesn't have it in him to be a champ.

    I was super impressed with sotiropoulos, but a lil dissapointed at how violently he yanked on his opponents arm. That could have easily been a career ending injury had his opponent not tapped right away and resisted the movement. He was going for a break/dislocation/tear, not a submission which for the most part, pro fighters are good about using control and sticking to joint manipulations.
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  7. I don't know man....Pride had some great fights, but I've seen a couple where I thought the loser was dead.

    I love a good fight, but I don't want anybody getting brain damage or such. I know it's hypocritical.
  8. I never miss an MMA event! Silva was quite simply the better striker, on a whole different level. I haven't been impressed by Silva's last couple of fights, but I never doubted that he is one of the finest strikers in MMA.

    Griffin was outclassed by a better striker. If Forrest was going to have half a chance he needed to wear him down and not charge straight into a barrage of punches. His performance wasn't pathetic he is just not on the same level as Silva (as far as striking is concerned).

    I am not a fan of BJ Penn at all but that doesn't change the fact that he looked damn good tonight. Again on a whole different level than the his competition.

    I couldn't agree more. Griffin didn't "dive", quit or otherwise give up. He was rocked two previous times. By the time he took that jab his brain probably felt a bit like Jello. It was an earned KO brought on by the two previous "rocking" blows.

    +1 As an amateur fighter I both agree and appreciate this sentiment! However, I always will be a huge fan of what Pride brought to MMA.
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  9. Baloosh

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    That was a striking clinic put on by Silva. And it just goes to show you that Griffin is nowhere near the same league as Silva.
  10. Didn't get to see the fight but it sure looks like Silva dished out a real doozie when Griffin went down.
  11. Sullybob

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    I was stunned. I didn't think Forrest was going to win the fight, but I thought it was going to go into the second or third round. I'm not really sure what Forrest's game plan was. I thought he might try to use his superior size and strength to wear Silva down.
  12. I can't stand Joe Rogan. He always sounds like such an inimitable douchebag. And why does he bag on Pride fighters? Some of the UFC's top talent came from Pride. I guess my second line explains that.
  13. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Griffin after the fight when he RAN out of the arena, broken jaw? colossal embarrassment? running from bookies?
    I'm also convinced that Silva is borderline psychic or just lives his life in matrix bullet time. "very elusive" indeed!

    And the fight that broke out in the croud
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    Bad night for Zuffa. The card was full of mismatched fights. Silvia looked almost as impressive as Griffin looked terrible. B.J. looked decent once he got his shot on the ground. KFlo didn't seem to have much of a game plan. The stoppage of the Hendricks/Sadollah fight was pretty bad as well. On the bright side, the early stoppage of the first Riley/Nelson fight led to last night's thrilling... eh. Nevermind.

    Stay classy, Philly.

    C'mon WEC, save the fight weekend, please.
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  15. Griffin's camp said he dislocated his jaw and lost hearing in one ear, hence the quick departure to get it checked out. Not the best UFC event ever but some good fights...BJ looked great and Silva, well, that was just amazing. :eek: That Greek dude was on it too (can't recall his name at the moment).
  16. They wanted a big, slow guy to follow Anderson around and make him look real good. And they're like "Forrest is a big slow guy; he takes a beating well. Get him to do it - he's stupid."

    - Griffin at a book signing earlier this year

    I really wanted Forrest to have a better showing, but pitting a relatively slow brawler against one of the fastest guys out there, well...

    As for that fadeaway jab that ended it, it doesn't take much to knock someone out if a punch lands perfectly, especially if the opponent leans into it. Force transfer is a funny thing, and sometimes it happens way more efficiently than you'd expect - think hitting a home run without swinging hard and being a little surprised by it.
  17. I think Griffin's gameplan was horrible. Griffin is known as one of the biggest light heavyweights in the world, but absolutely NOT a knockout hitter. If he wanted to use his size advantage against Silva he would have had to take him down and make Silva work hard to defend himself with Griffins weight on him or press him against the cage, not allow separation and do the same thing there all the while controlling him and picking his shots. I don't think anyone really believed Griffin would KO Silva, his main shot to win was via decision or if Silva made a huge mistake submission. I'm all for tough, but you have to fight in a way that gives you the best chance to win and he didn't do that. Penn on the other handfought very well, paced himself so his conditioning wouldn't be a factor and while he looked better on the feet he looked amazing on the ground. I didn't think he would dominate that much once it went to the mat, but he sure did. I really believe he needs to stick to the lightweight division. He's a great fighter, but the size disadvantage he has at welterweight is too much to overcome. At lightweight he is a beast. I can't wait to see Penn versus Sanchez.
  18. The Nid Hog

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    I think that you're absolutely right about that punch. Forrest moving into it just compounded the force of the strike. As far as the hands going up--I didn't think that Forrest was submitting. It looked to me like he was disoriented and thought that the ref was Silva about to mount him. I think that he was trying to defend himself.

    Penn fought an excellent fight. Although I do think that he had a strategy to deal with Florian, it also seemed like he gained a lot of confidence from fighting with self-control through the first three rounds.
  19. +1x10^999999999999999999999999
    i think people seem to forget that silva is a bjj blackbelt. Forest might have been able to out wrestle him, but...how long before silva tore off a limb for his efforts? I'll agree silva is dasadvantaged on the ground with long limbs, they're easy for the opponent to get alot of leverage on a joint...but there are few with the same caliber ground game, and right now, i'd say no one in his weight class (anywhere in the word) could out strike him.
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  20. I also never miss an MMA event!....Well except maybe the WEC last night....anyways!

    Silva is MMA's Roy Jones Jr (a poor mans RJJ mind you but still amazing). There's talk he's vacating his 185 belt to fight at 205. which would make for tons of great match ups.

    There were so many WTF moments last night.
    -Kurt slapping Neer
    -Andersons face when he heard the boos. That had me laughing pretty hard
    -Anderson toying with Griffin
    -Kenflos failed superman punch
    -Someone stealing Kennys hat while on his way to the cage

    Those are just some that come to mind. I'm sure there are tons more that are escaping me right now. And to think Nog vs Couture is happening in a few short weeks as well!

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