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  1. I just made some uberlather this morning and it was amazing. I was in lather nirvana. I thought my lather abilities were at their peak but I was wrong. Also my shave has been the closest yet with a cartridge. Even my problem areas were at least DFS quality. I feel like I am so close to the perfect shave. Enough of me being giddy as a school girl over my shave. Carry on.
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    As you can tell by my posts, I am a big fan of uberlather. I have been shaving with both creams and soaps for a long time and on rare occasions combined the two. Then I saw a post from Robert (BladeRunner001) wrote about using uberlather, tried it, and now this is my normal lather. I find that it makes the slickest and richest lather - bar none. In fact, I have yet to find a combo that does not work. :001_smile
  3. I wonder if it would work with williams? That might be the long lost secret of williams. lol
  4. Thank you kindly sir. It is my normal routine as well. There are some cremes that are ├╝ber-ish by themselves (Al Raz' Da Bamb series being one, Tabac soap another), but I still like mixing. What I really enjoy doing these days is mixing Tallow soaps with glycerin based cremes (and a few drops of glycerin). You get the amazing best of both worlds...super :thumbup1:

    There's only one way to know...try it and see :001_smile. I have not tried Williams
  5. How did you make the uberlather?:001_smile

    one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything
  6. I used some VDH soap, some cream from the body shop and a small splash of glycerin. What I ended up with was so thick, slick and creamy that whipped cream would have been jealous.
  7. I bought some glycerin and tried this:thumbup:cant see me using it every shave, but when i feel like a huge lather hit:lol:
  8. It is definitely good as a secret weapon for when you need those perfect shaves.
  9. Not to sound too newebie, but where do you buy the glycerin?

    one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything
  10. I bought mine at walmart next to ban-aids and rubbing alcohol. Also there should be witch hazel in that section if you are interested in trying that as well.
  11. I agree bladerunner's genius idea is magic. I now mix Body Shop mac a root cream with palmolive stick and a dash of glycerin and the lather is just out of this world
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    You can also buy it at grocery stores, GNC, and pharmacies. It is usually in the first aid section for some reason so the best bet is to ask customer service where it is kept.

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