Two Times then Throw Em Away!

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by AirForceMX, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Been doing a lot of blade research lately and run across a few gents who use a blade twice then trash them. They mentioned they have very coarse beards and I am in that same boat. Maybe my irritation has been caused by dulled out blades!? Any one else trash a blade after two shaves no matter what? You would still be saving a ton of money even if you only used it once compared to carts.
  2. Usually three shaves for me, sometimes more if the blad can handle it.
  3. the_edski

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    I'm with you, AF. I toss them after two shaves no matter what (unless while during one of the shaves it starts to feel "off", then i toss mid-shave). Very easy to remember when to chuck them. If i didn't load it that morning, it gets tossed at the end. Very simple! No calendars, reminders, rotations or calculus to remember!:laugh:
  4. +1. Two and out! There are odd occasions when I end up using a blade three times, but those are rare and not always intentional.
  5. dpm802

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    +1 ... 2 uses and I replace 'em.

    (The same rule applies to many of my girlfriends.)
  6. Depends on the blade and my prep. Sometimes I can get 6 good shaves from a Shark Super Chrome blade. When it feels like it's dragging, it's time for me to put in a new blade.
  7. I'm with ya, but I'm also a headshaver. 2 n out!
  8. Nope....I usually get 6 or 7 shaves out of a blade (maybe more..I don't really pay too much attention). I have fairly coarse red/graying facial hair. I wonder if maybe the longevity of the blade has anything to do with face prep? This article has been floating around B&B for awhile:

    "This softening of the beard also makes your razor blades live a lot longer. Tests made at Mellon Institute showed that a blade used on a dry beard was good for only one shave. But 15 seconds spent wetting and soaping the beard upped the blade’s life to two shaves without re-stropping; three minutes soaking, and blade life rose to four shaves. And 10 minutes, including a shower bath, pushed blade life to five shaves without re-stropping."

    My prep includes a shower, 30-40 seconds of rinsing my face, and about 4-5 minutes of face lathering. Maybe all that prep helps me save $0.40 a month. haha.
  9. I usually toss them after 3. At the high end of $.50 per blade this puts me at about $1/ week on blades...still a helluva lot cheaper than carts.
  10. 3 shaves for me, but the idea is the same.
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    I usually get 3 or 4. With Med Preps I get 6 or 7. I would experiment and do whatever makes your face feel good. You are correct that blades are too cheap to use them beyond their comfort level.
  12. DMT


    Recently I've started trashing them after 3 or as soon if I feel some serious drag. At first I had the attitude "I'm going to get my money's worth out of these" because I was trying to save money on cartridges for so long, but as numerous patrons of the site have pointed out, the blades are so cheap especially if you buy in bulk so what's their to be gained from being stingy?
  13. 2 & out is my standard practice. Sometimes I'll do a third, but only if I'm doing a quick two-pass to get SAS.
  14. I've a pretty tough beard, and usually I get 3 to 5 shaves out of my feathers.
  15. Im a 2 & out guy they r pretty cheap
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys! I think I'm gonna try this two and trash em thing. For SURE Feathers only give me two shaves anyways and those are my go to blade at the moment. I don't like shaving in fear every day though so the search continues! :D
  17. I shave with a blade until it starts to "turn" on me.

    This can range anywhere from 4 to 10 shaves (average is 6 or so).

    I am not above tossing a blade mid shave so I don't set an arbitrary number of shaves.

    I let the blade tell me when it is time for it to go.
  18. Some blades are one and done, most are two times and occasionally I'll get a three shave, but rarely.
  19. Feathers...1 complete 4 pas shave..then the blade scrapes n the bin it goes
  20. I usually go a week on a blade and then change it out. But I have a light beard.

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