Two different kinds of Feather blades?

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  1. I love my Feather blades with the yellow and black label on the dispenser. I recently spotted Feather blades with a black and white label being sold online for the same price as the yellow and black variety. Are the blades the same in these two versions, or is one superior to the other? Thanks for any info from anyone with insight.
  2. Same exact blade, just different dispensers for different markets.
  3. I've heard they are the same exact blade.

    The only difference is in the packaging.

    The 'black' ones come in a 5-pack dispenser, the 'yellow' in a 10-pack.
  4. They are identical blades. The packaging differences are due to the fact they are sold in different markets.
  5. Thanks! I can buy with confidence now.
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    I have read on another website that they are not the same. Look for blade reviews by Squire, there was a discussion about the different blades.
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  7. I believe this would be the definitive thread here about the Feathers. It's the one where Pauldog himself is figuring out which type he had.

    Thread lives on, it was last posted to last month.
  8. That thread compares the NOS blades that Pauldog has with the newer offerings. Those are different blades.

    Per OP's question, the current production Feather comes in two different packages, but they are the same blade.
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  9. Yes, this is correct. There is only one current production blade. There was a time in which there were two different Feather blades. Production was merged in the late 80`s. Pauldog managed to get this some of the pre-merged blades. Again, let me reiterate, there is only one current production blade as per the OP question.
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    I've read and re-read those old posts, and it only confuses me more (regarding the difference between Pauldog's old-type 250-packs and the current production). Are the blades in the old 250-packs platinum-coated or not? Just curious, because I've got the 250-pack and they are damn fine blades in any event, in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the link. So if I understand things correctly: (1) the yellows and blacks from current production are the same blade, just different packaging; and (2) Pauldog's 250-pack are different blades from earlier production.

    Either way, both blades are sharp as hell. :thumbup1:
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    I have both new production and NOS from Paul.
    As far as I am concerned, they are almost identical in shaving performance.

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