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  1. Are there any places in the twin cities that have anything other than VDH and Williams soaps and styptic sticks? I haven't poked around too much, but I did stop in a few Indian groceries on Central Ave in Minneapolis looking for alum but didn't find anything. They had some shaving creams in tubes but that was about it. I would like to try some Tabac soap and really any other varieties that are available locally.
  2. I assume the Twin Cities has Bath and Body Works (stop there for the re-branded Proraso: "C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream". It's comes in a green tube, inside of a green box), and likely Crabtree and Everlyn as well (which stocks shaving creams, shaving soaps, and some brushes as well).

    You might want to go back to the Indian grocer, and take a look at those creams again. Many Indian creams are actually quite good. Take notes on what they have, and then come back here, and check the reviews. :tongue_sm
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  3. The Indian grocery store I go to has the Alum behind the counter... I had to ask for it. No idea why they would have it back there. Its hard to think someone is stealing $1 Alum.

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